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Fanfiction: Starman | Additional Notes

In the year 2011, an overly-ambitious but very slow-writing college student decided she wanted to do a crossover between two beloved TV series, based on an actor they held in common, as well as myriad delicious themes and motifs. This kind of fic had been done before, she knew, and spectacularly in some cases (I'd like to point you all to Aria's "Life on Earth" -- good lord), but this college student was very particular, and greedy.

So onto this project she ventured.

In the time since beginning this thing, I have moved twice, held three different jobs, and sustained no less than two semi-severe injuries due to running around my home in excitement over it. (No, really. A sprained ankle and a bruise bigger than my splayed-out hand.) I have literally bled for this project (at least internally), and definitely shed sweat and tears besides. It is the single longest piece of anything that I have ever written, and continues to beckon me with new ideas as I lie in bed at night.

Given its hold on me, I decided to post this fic in its unfinished state in order to focus on career-important projects instead. I have every intention of finishing it once I have those other projects out of the way, and in the meantime I can only hope that you, the dedicated fans of ten-years-ago characters, have enjoyed reading it.

tl;dr: I can't tell you how important this fanfiction is to me or what a big effort it is to finally let go of a portion of it after obsessing and over-rewriting details these past few years. It's my joy, my baby, my magnum opus, and -- whoops, there I go running around my apartment again. 8)

Thank you so much for giving this thing a whirl. I sincerely hope you like it so far!

P.S. Way back, when I came up with the name "Manchester Mangler," I realized I should probably double-check that the name didn't already exist. So I googled it and found the top result to be a Doctor Who Wiki article. Incredible.


Master Post
Master Post

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