Erin (La Cidiana)
13 January 2009 @ 03:27 am
Today was kind of hectic. I didn't sleep at all last night since I wanted to make sure I got traffic school done by my due date, so I basically went to my American Music quiz from home, left class, did errands... but while I was doing these things, apparently the pipe under our shower broke and when I came back I wasn't able to take a shower (I hadn't been able to take a shower in the morning because of the clog that spawned the breakage in the first place) so I was dirty all day and had to wash my hands with wet wipes and kshdkaj. D8 LUCKILY I basically slept for most of the time that my dad was fixing the pipe, so I didn't have to deal with it too much? 8D; Of course, now my sleeping schedule is totally off and I have to gradually reign it back in again. Which is why I will sleep after this post.

Anyway.... omg, reading all those Sam apps has gotten me on a total Supernatural kick, which is wonderful since I feel I've been neglecting due fangirling for that series this last half-year or so. I am TOTALLY hankering for some good fanfiction, and since I don't really know how to navigate around that nutso fandom and it's hard to find non-Wincest fic... Does anyone have any Supernatural genfic recs? I would be very appreciative to get pointed in the right direction since right now I've resorted to writing random stuff for myself skfkajfg Winchesters <333

I really do need to sleep now, so I will do that. Tomorrow: less Castlevania and more productivity. Holy shit those games are addictive. D: And HAHAHAAA I FINALLY BEAT THE DAMN CRAB. >:3
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Erin (La Cidiana)
02 August 2008 @ 05:23 am
Okay, this is mainly just an excuse to use this new icon. UM.

The Mustang's brakes got fixed (sorta; they still squeak like hell) so I've been driving it lately. \o/ FUN. Today, me, Court, Andrew, and Jenny all went to Bay Cities, got food, and then came back here and hung out. And played board games. And we had an awesome time. Driving in a convertible on the freeway with your best buds on a nice day... one of moments in life when you're like "man, this is perfect."

Parents are out of town and so's my brother, so... I got the house to myself! I've been letting it become a mess more just because than out of laziness, and I cleaned up some of it with Jenny today. Need to get up early tomorrow to water all of Mom's plants and then... go back to sleep. Or maybe stay up until the sun rises and water them. And then sleep.

Watched some Batman: TAS tonight and then finished rewatching Batman Begins and taking notes. Also am practicing writing Bruce in a one-on-one RP with Court. Gonna be bringing Liquid back into Conscripted tomorrow, and hopefully bringing Sylar into dayshift at Damned. Annnnnd stuff.

...Also, I have never in all my years figured out a proper way to list video game remixes in the damn current music field. D:
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Erin (La Cidiana)
10 April 2008 @ 02:54 am
Gonna be heading up to Santa Barbara tomorrow~!

Hopefully. If I clean up my desk by the time I sleep and if my lack of a left-side windshield wiper doesn't put me in grave danger. D8 (Did I mention how it RANDOMLY SNAPPED OFF WHILE I HAD IT ON THE LOWEST SETTING WHILE I WAS DRIVING MAX HOME FROM HEROES-WATCHING THE OTHER DAY? YEAH WHUT.)

ngshadkas applications. Exciting, but I suddenly now empathize with the general feeling of impending OGOD that everyone else suffers. DDDD: A BLESSING IN DISGUISE, I SUPPOSE. I KNOW THE COMMON PLIGHT OR SOMETHING. We'll be sending out the stuff for second opinions soon ahhhh DDD:

ALSO, Andrew and I watched a bunch of Sunny today. :D I'm so happy that he likes it so much! And I am also happy that we'll be getting MOAR HOUSE AND SUPERNATURAL BY THE END OF THE MONTH. SCORE.

Uhm uhm. I should get on that cleaning so I can read some apps before I sleep. :3

EDIT @ 6 AM: Goddammit, cleaning took longer than I wanted it to (AS PER USUAL) but AT LEAST I GOT IT DONE! SANTA BARBARA, HERE I COME! And although I need to sleep now so I can leave at the time I need to, I shall read more apps tomorrow. I'm actually excited to read more rather than INTIMIDATED like I usually am. THIS IS GOOD? We totally sucked ass at getting a head start (read: NO HEAD START) this time, but HAY I'M AHEAD OF COURT SO FAR, SO THAT'S SOMETHING.

Also sdkfhgsdlkjgf gaiz, YOUR NERVOUSNESS MAKES ME FEEL SO BAD. ;; <3 SRY.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
23 February 2008 @ 04:03 pm
Blow-out fight with my mom whose details you don't want to hear about. )

Wonderful aftermath you do want to hear about:

About halfway to the mall, I decided to sit down on the sidewalk and untense a little, since I was still kinda messed up, and then, from behind the gate-thing I was sitting by, this cat comes over to me and meows and meows at me to pet him, totally cheering me up. It was the best thing ever, and this other cat came out too, though he kinda stayed back and wasn't as friendly. During the course of my petting the cat and giving him attention, my mom called and apologized and we made up, so everything was all good, and at that point, I decided to look at the cat's collar and find out the name of the adorable, wonderful, attention-seeking kitty that had brightened up my day and made me feel okay again.

And what do I see?


...No, I am not joking. I of course concluded that the other, less-friendly cat must have been named "Natey," but I suppose I'll never know. :(

In any case, I continued to the mall and got pizza and See's candy. And then my mom picked me up and we got groceries and on the way home, I got to drive my dad's Mustang convertible, a Mustang convertible that I may ACTUALLY END UP GETTING. KAJSKDD

Long story made short about how spoiled and fortunate I am. )

As I drove home, I felt all badass and pretended I was Dean. <3333 Or Hughes, since, you know, I was riding a Mustang.

Oh, and I had the brilliant idea of making HEAAAAAAAAT OF THE MOMENTTTTTT my ringtone for my alarm to wake up in the morning. I will hate it as much as Sam by the end of things.

And I am slowly becoming a scary beast at Guitar Hero. Beat Slash on Expert and I'm at the second-to-last bracket on GHIII now, all of whose songs are... impossible. D: I do believe I will develop carpel tunnel and tendonitis at this rate, nngghhh WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
09 February 2008 @ 08:07 pm
We planned to finish Matrix marathoning tonight, but instead, on my way to pick up Jenny, I was a complete moron and rear-ended a car. I didn't damage the other car too bad, but uh... I totally trashed the front of mine. (And my attention was diverted by fiddling with my cell phone of all things. Jesus Christ, how much of a typical kidbrat retard am I?)

Photos. )

Other than, you know, having gotten into a car accident that was actually totally my fault (unlike the parking lot "accident" from last year), this upcoming three-day weekend is the three-day weekend that I planned to drive up to Santa Barbara and hang out with Court. I compared the train ticket prices to the gas prices I'd be spending, and it'd actually be cheaper to take the train, so I could still go, but... kind of a hassle, and we wouldn't be able to go out and do stuff like we'd planned. Also wouldn't be able to do THE AMAZING RACE with Andrew, but... yeah, I guess I'll take the train if the car hasn't been fixed by Friday (and I doubt it will be).

Baaaah. D: I freaked out during the crash, but I'm okay now. Could have been worse and no one got hurt, I guess. Still, augh, such irresponsibility on my part and I feel terrible that my parents are going to have to pay the $500 deductible, even if it's not like we can't afford it or anything. Again, NEEDS JOB, but I just can't realistically look for one when I'm about to start school again. I'll have enough of a hard time not falling flat on my face as is.

Oh, yeah, right, and I just happen to be starting school at SMC this week, so... god, such bad timing to fuck up my car. D: adgfasaslfa
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