Erin (La Cidiana)
29 November 2007 @ 11:05 pm
Oh my god. Aspen (the comic book studio I used to work part-time for), did a bunch of Heroes graphic novel chapters--UNFORTUNATELY it looks like most of those chapters are done by the dude whose art they started me off cleaning when they first hired me, aka REALLY NOT SO GREAT ART AND THEN THEY MOVED ME ON TO MICHAEL TURNER ART WITHIN THREE WEEKS IT WAS SO COOL. Marcus (really friendly, awesome guy who burned Samurai Champloo for me and chatted to me about FMA and stuff <3) did a couple of pages and his art actually IS good, so that's cool. 8D Michael Turner also did a couple of chapter beginning pages or... something. (It's weird, because they did a Sylar chapter, so like... if I ever apped him, I'd have to READ THAT OVER FOR REFERENCE? SURREAL.)

Jesus, though, reminds me how HAPPY I was there. I left a message on Marc's phone (my old boss--he's credited in a couple of those chapters 8D) a while back asking about maybe doing an unpaid internship but they never got back to me and I don't want to beg ksjdfhas DDD: Still paranoid I somehow slacked off too much or wasn't fast enough with flatting or... something. Marc was about the sweetest guy ever and jesus, I was so, so, so lucky to have the opportunity to work there and learn the ropes somewhat and even though I appreciated it back then, I appreciate it even more now and LONG for it.

Ironically, Jenny just asked me to clean up and color a picture her boyfriend did, which further reminds me of what I learned over there and kzjsfhlskd it was seriously probably the happiest period of my life, people.

I got PAID to work on COMIC BOOKS.
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