Erin (La Cidiana)
09 May 2008 @ 02:05 am
[ profile] saving_people, [ profile] hunting_things! The family business!

COURT AND I HAVE SECRETLY AND COVERTLY TAKEN UP THE WINCHESTERS. Court was talking about wanting to play Sam somewhere, so she set her eyes on [ profile] discedo, which I don't know too much about except for what's on the FAQ, but... I told her if she apped Sam, I'd app Dean, to which she responded that "WELL I WAS SAYING I'D APP SAM UNDER THE ASSUMPTION YOU WOULD." So um we decided once we'd almost finished with apps, we'd do that.

So we did and we just got accepted. 8D;;; Yaaaay. I dunno what will come of it (hopefully I'll keep up and get adjusted to something other than [ profile] damned?) but it'll be kinda nice to be in an RP as just a player. (SO NOT USED TO LOG FORMAT NOWADAYS, THOUGH. D8)

In other news, Supernatural tonight was fucking creepy and also skjfhskdf NEXT THURSDAY NEEDS TO COME FASTER.
mood: excited, but also nervous
music: court on the phone