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Companion FST to my Life on Mars / Doctor Who longfic crossover Starman!

I created the core of this playlist years ago, and since then it's guided a lot of my structure/theming, seeing as I primarily plan scenes out in my head with audio/visuals rather than descriptions (screenwriting major derp derp). You can basically consider this playlist a chronological "movie soundtrack" to the fic, except for the various Part titles, which are instead basically outlines for their sections, and "The Real Me," which is basically... an outline for the whole fic dkjfhaksd

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Fandom: Life on Mars / Doctor Who
Principal Characters: Sam Tyler, Gene Hunt, Annie Cartwright | the Doctor (Ten), the Master (Simm)
Pairings: Sam/Gene (eventual), Doctor/Master (par for the course), Sam/Annie (unrequited)
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Dark
Words: ~46,400
Rating: R for violence, language, disturbing images/themes

Summary: "Wonder how a bloke gets like that. Being a monster."

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15 August 2012 @ 02:28 am
For the past year or so (wow!) I've been hacking away at a hefty LoM/DW Sam!Master crossover longfic because the concept of Sam!Master is something I can't ever get over. So far, I'm at 29K words (BIGGER WOW) and still going strong (BIGGEST WOW???) even though I'm probably only about halfway done (WHAT HSFGSLFS). During this whole process, I've done a bunch of doodling/reference art for myself and while I was waiting to either post it with the finished fic or not at all, [personal profile] ferntree was an enabling sweetheart and talked me into sharing this particular image in LoM chat the other day.

This is meant to be an ensemble "cover" type image of the four principal characters in the fic (minus the antagonist, OR IS IT AAHAHAHA), mostly to INSPIRE(!!!!) myself rather than serve any real purpose sjghaks this is my working method, okay. Fic excerpts included because I've promised myself not to post any chapters before I'm finished with the entire thing, but do you realize how hard it's been to stop myself. (Also, while on the subject, I think I owe it to [personal profile] margo_kim to mention that she's the greatest beta ever. ♥)

Uh. Right. Fanart.

Crossposted: Dreamwidth, Livejournal

Notes: G-rated / worksafe / zero spoilers / wholesome all-around

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20,000 words

this is a big deal for me okay sfjhaskjfhdfhasfHASJLFKASFK there is a reason I just call this thing "the longfic" and that is because my life has never had any other longfics

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so uh now to sit down and do my schoolwork with as much dogged persistence sometime, um
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24 February 2012 @ 01:19 am
So today I had a nice night's rest (for once) and then replied to some LoM/DW crossover-related comments and was basically like "Yeah, I love Sam/Gene even more than Doctor/Master now! Pretty crazy, huh?" And then my brain apparently was like "OH NO YOU DIN'T" because then took a shower and went back to my bed and got sleepy and napped for one single hour and I had one of the most vivid fucking dreams I have ever experienced.

And it was Doctor/Master. With me as the Doctor.


And then, suddenly --

I drifted awake.

And I was like.

That. Was. Magnificent.

And then I wrote all that up before I forgot and also scribbled down some notes in a nearby notebook, and then I glanced at them later and I was like "GEE RANDOM DOCTOR WHO DREAM SCRIBBLINGS, THIS SURE REMINDS ME OF......... ............OH MY GOD I AM THE DOCTOR."

No, seriously, I might have to write this fic. Like. Scene-for-scene. Just because... brain, what even. and talk about method writing the Doctor's POV jesus christ

and apparently this was so noteworthy that I am properly updating my journal for the first time in a million years kjahs
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13 August 2011 @ 04:03 pm





HELLO, ALL! God, it's been nearly half a year since I've posted, hasn't it? Partly because I have been LEGITIMATELY BUSY WITH... LIFE THINGS (school, writing, full-time internship, south america vacation, comic con, concert, what have you), and partly because I have been illegitimately busy with... fandom things.

Bottom line, these are my fandoms rn:

- Life on Mars
- Doctor Who
- Top Gear
- Life on Mars
- Life on Mars

FFFFFFFUCK YOU BBC I held out so long on anglophiling, man. So bloody long. And yes, Top Gear is a fandom. Don't. even. talk. to me okay this is my life now.

But yeah. Life on Mars. MAN I REMEMBER when people on my f-list were ranting about it when it first came out, you know, FIVE YEARS AGO, and I was like WHAT IS THIS WEIRD THING WITH THAT SQUISHY-FACED MASTER GUY AND AN OLD CAR LOL IT LOOKS DUMB

and now

now sam tyler is my puppycakes and I want to cuddle him to sleep every night

uhhh MAN MY INCOHERENCY HASN'T GOTTEN MUCH BETTER, HAS IT? Anyhoo, I've been sadly behind on RP things, but I've been good about writing! I'm uh kind of completely obsessed with the whole Sam!Master concept right now so I have about. 8300 words of that. so far. and lots of pages of planning sfjkhaksfhja it is my baby project right now. IT IS THE SEXIEST IDEA EVER OK and although there are about a million fics written for it, I've only found one that fully Meets My Needs. So. Clearly, I must take matters into my own hands. :|a

AND ALSO YES. Internship. Suffice to say that between the last entry and now, I interned for several months at a comic book company and for this summer, I've interned at a cable television network and edited web clips for them WHICH HAS ALL BEEN VERY AMAZING AND EXCITING and maybe I'll go into more detail in an f-locked post. 8D

Man. LJ-posting. This is making me horribly nostalgic and weepy and NO MORE PAID ACCOUNT LOOK AT MY SAD SIX LITTLE ICONS.

Oh right and Dean/Castiel. Supernatural is the kingpin of fandoms that stick in your brain and I am so bad for Dean/Cas right now and forever skjfhajksfa. SCREAM I SAW THEM AT COMIC CON. I SAW THEM I SAW THEM I PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT JENSEN ACKLES WAS A MYTHICAL UNICORN OF BEAUTY BUT HE ACTUALLY EXISTS THIS IS AMAZING TO ME

....and OH GOD NATHAN MOOD ICON. NATHAN. I STILL LU. SOBBBBB heroes is still a gaping wound only bandaged by new beautiful wonderfulness.

I sound drugged up BYE GUYS
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10 September 2010 @ 05:44 pm
wow I haven't posted to my LJ in ages but finally... FINALLY, I found something worth posting.


seriously I am. I expected. so bad but this. is just. .....sob.

UHHH IN OTHER NEWS. MY LIFE RIGHT NOW. UM. Basically, just started going back to school at LMU, still super into Heroes despite my soul hurting and also... sort of... GETTING INTO DOCTOR WHO? Been watching a ton of it and I kind of want to musebox Ten somewhere even though I feel like a supaposer. ;A; ALSO I recently reworked my resume and submitted it for an internship I was v. interested in and... THEY GOT BACK TO ME THE NEXT DAY? WOOHOO. I feel like an idiot since they called in the morning and I didn't wake up until... 4, so when I called them back the day was already over even though they'd said today would be ideal for an interview so. Sob. Hope I didn't just screw myself over. D8 They said they'd call back this week to schedule an interview for next week but. YOU NEVER KNOW. I'll definitely be following up on this. :|a ...and I also hope I didn't come off as an idiot over the phone. Ggghhhhdkfjs ...although on the bright side, the extra time will give me a chance to get some... decent interview clothes, of which I recently realized I have none. :|

ANYWAY YES. LJ POST. CAN CHOOSE A MOOD AGAIN. AND DO THINGS. AAAAA. Also, right, another update: apped BUZZ LIGHTYEAR to [ profile] damned. And got in. [ profile] nest will be my Woody. This is going to be glorious.

BUT FIRST I need to post to Elle&L and, you know, prove I can multitask and stuff. ...which I think time has proven I can't BUT YOU NEVER KNOW UNLESS YOU WORK ON IT. OR something. I am incoherent.

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