Erin (La Cidiana)
22 February 2008 @ 11:55 am
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CID! <3333 Even after all these years, I still love you so.

Also, so excited about everyone's strong reactions to [ profile] damned plot developments! Can't wait for people to see the other stuff we have in store after this - having a hard time keeping my mouth shut! 8D

And omg Spn last night = BADASS, and since I never said anything about the Groundhog Day episode, omg, so funny, and though the end was weird and surreal, the VERY end was saddd.

Andrew and Jenny are gonna be coming over soon, so I need to take a shower. And askdfs still need to post to Gluttony. D8 WILL DO IT ONCE I AM CLEAN.

For some reason, I'm really drowsy even though I got plenty of sleep. Wtf? Maybe it's because I've gotten little sleep otherwise lately.

I also want to make myself an Spn and/or Heroes moodtheme. MAYBE A WINCHESTERS&PETRELLIS MOODTHEME. BRILLIANT IDEA INDEED.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
08 February 2008 @ 11:13 am
Supernatural last night was AWESOME. Omg DEAN you angst-ridden thing. D: <33333 My mom watched on a different TV and she CAME IN HERE TO BASICALLY RAMBLE AT ME ABOUT HOW SAD IT WAS hahaha. <333 Apparently, my dad watched it with her, and at the end he was like: "...I don't get it." Well, obviously. :X This episode was DEAN ANGST episode, so next one looks like SAM ANGST episode? Wtf Groundhog Day gone bad BUT I'M SURE IT WILL BE WIBBLE-INDUCING ENTERTAINING.

Uhhhmm god, I had HICCUPS FROM HELL YESTERDAY and they kept coming back intermittently. D: I tend to have really bad hiccups way too frequently but um yes. Also, the putty on top of my mouth stitches came off, but I keep putting it back on anyway so I don't play around with the area with my tongue or something? Baaahh I'm all nervous to brush my teeth around that area so my mouth tastes like crap. D:

Court and I organized the roommates last night finally! There's one pair-up on there which, uh, we kinda obsessed over since it was SO AWESOME but would be SO BIASED, but we really couldn't think of a better combination and would have paired up those particular characters even if different people played them, and so we decided to go ahead and do it on the condition that I REALLY got active again AND I POSTED LIKE CRAZY LAST NIGHT TO GET MYSELF BACK IN THE GROOVE WOOO. Judging from the relative ease with which I posted for Cid and Scar once I actually got down to business and how I've actually been keeping up with the sphinx thread, I'm starting to think I can app Sylar a third character without having to drop someone after all. BUT ONLY DAYSHIFT WILL TELL.

I'm also feeling I'm sorely due for a replay of FFVII, because as admittedly satisfied I usually am with my Cid, I worry a lot of the time that I haven't played the game in so long that my characterization is gradually getting off and I don't even know it. Even if I'm consciously choosing to ignore Compilation canon.

Now, I am getting ready to go over to Andrew's house for some mutual Bay Cities (amazing sandwich place) lovin' and for Matrix marathoning once Jenny comes over.
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