Erin (La Cidiana)
27 March 2008 @ 09:05 pm
Sorry I've been.... gone as of late. Court, Brawl, and, believe it or not, actual schoolwork have kept me preoccupied. D8 And I need to clean my dirty-ass room too. Aughsakjdfh not to mention finishing my Sylar app.

Uhh, developments in my life? I finished my English essay and now I have to do one for Linguistic Anthropology, which I should start outlining as soon as I finish this post. Have been hanging out with Andrew and Sabrina, and we all hung out at Jenny's house yesterday and watched Enchanted (it was my second time). I need to download that one song...

Finished Sunny with Court, which has led to us quoting it incessantly to each other, and there apparently is going to be a fourth season, yaaaay~! HAPPY BOYS

SPEAKING OF WHICH, COURT AND I ARE PROBABLY THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WHO CARE ABOUT THIS BUT DENNIS WAS IN SERENITY WTF. He's the guy in the bank who tries to fight back and then gets bitchsmacked off the mule and shot by Mal when Reavers get ahold of his ass LOLOLOL. Court, my brother, and I pretty much died laughing. WON'T BE ABLE TO TAKE THAT SCENE SERIOUSLY AGAIN, I THINK. Filmographies are awesome in general; Court and I watched an episode of SVU and an episode of CSI that Milo Ventimiglia was in - TURNS OUT he played this memorable guest character in this memorable episode for me on CSI that I'd seen like three times before I haven't watched the reruns on Spike like crazy throughout my life, and I had NO IDEA since I hadn't seen it since I'd gotten into Heroes. What madness is this. I also want to download the two Law & Order episodes that Rob McElhenny (Mac) and Charlie Day (Charlie) were in, since I think I've seen both the episodes before I haven't watched the reruns on TNT like crazy throughout my life but not since I've watched Sunny.

Anyway, should work on that outline now.
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