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24 February 2010 @ 03:51 pm
FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOU LJ of course I go to clean out all my messages but my private ones and I accidentally delete all of them. ;; /HYPERVENTILATES. I AM AN ARCHIVE FIEND H-HOW CAN I LIVE WITHOUT THESE SJHDLKAZ At least I still have Spock and Wally discussions on [ profile] 7_to_midnight ;____;

So yeah, just lost the record of any private message I ever got or sent, lulz. YOU'D THINK THEY'D GIVE YOU AN "ARE YOU SURE" WINDOW OR... OR SOMETHING. GGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Also goddamn you people, I've been using Twitter a lot lately, and... THAT IS PROBABLY WHY I HAVE NOT BEEN UPDATING A LOT LATELY. ;; ALSO just found out about Formspring.Me so uh ASK AWAY IF YOU WANT IDK.

I really need to clean up dishes. And. Eat. I want to make a salami sandwich, but I think the ciabatta bread I got is rock-hard by now. ;; Baw.

OH ALSO many thanks once again to everyone who commented when I was feeling down, and I'm sorry I fail at replying but ijdhflskd ;_; ILU ALL I PROMISE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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Erin (La Cidiana)
23 February 2008 @ 04:03 pm
Blow-out fight with my mom whose details you don't want to hear about. )

Wonderful aftermath you do want to hear about:

About halfway to the mall, I decided to sit down on the sidewalk and untense a little, since I was still kinda messed up, and then, from behind the gate-thing I was sitting by, this cat comes over to me and meows and meows at me to pet him, totally cheering me up. It was the best thing ever, and this other cat came out too, though he kinda stayed back and wasn't as friendly. During the course of my petting the cat and giving him attention, my mom called and apologized and we made up, so everything was all good, and at that point, I decided to look at the cat's collar and find out the name of the adorable, wonderful, attention-seeking kitty that had brightened up my day and made me feel okay again.

And what do I see?


...No, I am not joking. I of course concluded that the other, less-friendly cat must have been named "Natey," but I suppose I'll never know. :(

In any case, I continued to the mall and got pizza and See's candy. And then my mom picked me up and we got groceries and on the way home, I got to drive my dad's Mustang convertible, a Mustang convertible that I may ACTUALLY END UP GETTING. KAJSKDD

Long story made short about how spoiled and fortunate I am. )

As I drove home, I felt all badass and pretended I was Dean. <3333 Or Hughes, since, you know, I was riding a Mustang.

Oh, and I had the brilliant idea of making HEAAAAAAAAT OF THE MOMENTTTTTT my ringtone for my alarm to wake up in the morning. I will hate it as much as Sam by the end of things.

And I am slowly becoming a scary beast at Guitar Hero. Beat Slash on Expert and I'm at the second-to-last bracket on GHIII now, all of whose songs are... impossible. D: I do believe I will develop carpel tunnel and tendonitis at this rate, nngghhh WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
08 February 2008 @ 11:13 am
Supernatural last night was AWESOME. Omg DEAN you angst-ridden thing. D: <33333 My mom watched on a different TV and she CAME IN HERE TO BASICALLY RAMBLE AT ME ABOUT HOW SAD IT WAS hahaha. <333 Apparently, my dad watched it with her, and at the end he was like: "...I don't get it." Well, obviously. :X This episode was DEAN ANGST episode, so next one looks like SAM ANGST episode? Wtf Groundhog Day gone bad BUT I'M SURE IT WILL BE WIBBLE-INDUCING ENTERTAINING.

Uhhhmm god, I had HICCUPS FROM HELL YESTERDAY and they kept coming back intermittently. D: I tend to have really bad hiccups way too frequently but um yes. Also, the putty on top of my mouth stitches came off, but I keep putting it back on anyway so I don't play around with the area with my tongue or something? Baaahh I'm all nervous to brush my teeth around that area so my mouth tastes like crap. D:

Court and I organized the roommates last night finally! There's one pair-up on there which, uh, we kinda obsessed over since it was SO AWESOME but would be SO BIASED, but we really couldn't think of a better combination and would have paired up those particular characters even if different people played them, and so we decided to go ahead and do it on the condition that I REALLY got active again AND I POSTED LIKE CRAZY LAST NIGHT TO GET MYSELF BACK IN THE GROOVE WOOO. Judging from the relative ease with which I posted for Cid and Scar once I actually got down to business and how I've actually been keeping up with the sphinx thread, I'm starting to think I can app Sylar a third character without having to drop someone after all. BUT ONLY DAYSHIFT WILL TELL.

I'm also feeling I'm sorely due for a replay of FFVII, because as admittedly satisfied I usually am with my Cid, I worry a lot of the time that I haven't played the game in so long that my characterization is gradually getting off and I don't even know it. Even if I'm consciously choosing to ignore Compilation canon.

Now, I am getting ready to go over to Andrew's house for some mutual Bay Cities (amazing sandwich place) lovin' and for Matrix marathoning once Jenny comes over.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
04 February 2008 @ 07:12 pm

Basically, I had this little bump on the gum right next to one of my lower molars that I thought was a cold sore when it first showed up around the beginning of the year. However, after a week or so of it being there and getting bigger and not really hurting like a cold sore, I concluded that it wasn't one, but figured it'd go away after another week and wasn't a big deal.

I incidentally had a dental appointment soon after that, and when I told them about the gum thing, the dentist/hygenists told me it wasn't normal and were all puzzled about what it was and took x-rays to make sure I didn't have an infection under my tooth or something, but I didn't. Sooo they referred me to a periodontist, which I went to today, and the guy wasn't sure what the cause of it was either, but he was all WELL I SHOULD CUT IT OFF EITHER WAY and I was like "AHHHH D:" and so the big, scary novocaine needle came and kdhfsks. It actually wasn't too bad at all, and the pain's just a dull ache even now that the novocaine's worn off. They're gonna send the biopsy of what they cut off to some lab to figure out what it was but um yeah. NOTHING COMPARED TO MY WISDOM TEETH OUT? And my mom had some dental stuff done today too, and she's definitely worse off, so I shouldn't complain. XD;

Anyway, that was my day, and I'm back to the soft-foods regiment. AT LEAST I HAD NOMA'S THIS MORNING WOOOOO.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
26 December 2007 @ 02:13 pm
WOO, Christmas is over, and of course that means I have shiny new things from shiny people. <3 I'm really happy with all the stuff I got this year, from the smallest thing to the biggest thing, which is... strange, since this is one of the first years where I haven't asked for any one big huge thing from my parents--what I wanted was an SD card, Guitar Hero III (minus any guitar), and the Heroes DVD set. My brother and I got my parents all three Bourne DVDs (they LOVE those movies) and I got my brother World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, which I knew he'd enjoy and get a kick out of. <3 Also got Court RE4 for Wii and yaaay so glad it was a hit. 8D

My parents almost didn't go searching for the stuff I wanted when they were all out of EVERYTHING at this one Best Buy but then they did and FOUND THE STUFF so when I opened my big box of stuff, the first thing I saw was the Heroes DVDs and I was all "YOU DID FIND THEM!!!" and... stuff. 8D And then they totally surprised me with the s3 House DVDs, which I'd wanted but felt I shouldn't ask for, and my brother, who's usually so crappy with gifts, was really sweet this year and got me the s2 Batman: The Animated Series DVDs which I'd JUST BEEN EYEING at Best Buy the other day as something I really wanted but would probably never actually ask for. And they also happen to have a TON of episodes I remember from my childhood and wanted to see again and stuff. SO OMG. (That one episode that's basically Dean's djinn experience except with Batman? DDD: I really remembered that one clearly, and it was like the SECOND episode on the DVDs, D'AWWW, BRUCE <333)

The Christmas Haul List! )

Have I ever mentioned my dad can cook like a mofo? Because he can. On Christmas Eve, my dad ovened up this RIDICULOUSLY huge and RIDICULOUSLY delicious pre-cooked honeyed ham that we had with a bunch of other stuff like potatoes and artichokes, and then on Christmas Day, he put his full meat-cooking skill to the test and made this HUGEASS PRIME RIB for all the ten other people (+my four immediate family members) who came over, plus buttered baked potatoes and all this other stuff and oh my god that prime rib was SO FUCKING GOOD. And then we had dessert. And oh man. DELICIOUS.

Anyway, I was both extremely happy with the gifts I got this year as well as the gifts I got for other people. I realized this year how fun it is to wrap things up all nicely and I also realized how awesome it is to get someone something they'll love but something they won't really expect, and to see the look on their face when they open it is really exciting.


Anyway, later on that night, I went and picked up Court and brought her back here once I'd asked my mom if she wanted to watch the first couple episodes of Heroes with me (which Court wanted to join in on :X) annnd we watched them. And my mom seems to really like it so far! (She was all "THEY'RE ALL INTERESTING except for that Niki woman." ROFL) And she had some awesome reactions to stuff:

Re Mr. Muggles: "I'm not THAT bad with Jack, am I?"
Re Hiro in New York: "OH MY GOD FIVE WEEKS???"

Re Petrellis: "What, so are all the male members of their family able to fly at a certain age and the younger one hasn't gotten there yet?"

But yeah, first Supernatural, and now Heroes, hopefully! I'm glad I can share this stuff with my mom, woo. AM I WEIRD?

But yeah. Um. Yeah. 8D
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Erin (La Cidiana)
29 November 2007 @ 05:08 am
7000+ WORDS ON DJINNFIC AND 2000+ ON VAMPIRE!DEAN. WOOO. Granted that that's including extra brainstorming/cut out bits that I plan to include later, but since they will be incorporated in eventually, I COUNT THEM AS WORDS? In any case, I was right: It's nice to take a break on Vampire!Dean and go to DjinnFic and vice versa. 8D TWO PROJECTS ARE BETTER THAN ONE? KEEPS DEM CREATIVE JUICES FLOWIN'.


RP stuff and poll results! )

AND TODAY. Today. I went to SMC with my mom and we both bitched at the people in the admissions office about how their enrollment site totally screwed me over, so now what we have to do is pay the fee so I can sign up for my classes, then I have to contact the professors of the classes I was supposedly enrolled in and have them verify to the admissions office that I was never in those classes so I can get a reimbursement and have the classes struck from my record. HOPEFULLY, THEY WILL RESPOND TO THE E-MAILS I WRITE TOMORROW. And if not, I will e-mail again. >:[

Then we had yummy Gilbert's and had just enough cash to pay for all of it. 8D

The inside of my left ear is hurting randomly, wtf. ;; This does not bode well, as my right ear is the one that occasionally gets a weird and persistent high-pitched ring in it. WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF. At least I'm not as bad as Maxine, who plays her music on her headphones so loud that I can hear it from the other room at her house.

SPEAKING OF YOUNG PEOPLE DESTROYING THEIR EAR DRUMS. ...Man, this song is pornographic. But cool. <3 THANKS FOR THE MUSIK, [ profile] tinted_glass! And I need to send you the stuff too, [ profile] loreamara. 8D

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05 November 2007 @ 02:17 pm

Thoughts. )

In other news, my parents are gonna be in Paris for nine days, so Evan and I have run of the house for that time. Went by Vons last night and bought a bunch of quasi-junk-food that my mom would never let us get--Lucky Charms, Eggos, Ore-Ida fries.... and then oatmeal and brown sugar, but uh, that's not junk food. XD;

The bad thing about this is that I have to get up around 6:45 to take my brother to school, though I can then go back home and sleep, so it's not such a big deal, although today it kind of sucked because I was planning on getting up again around 11 but NO. I HAD LADYCRAMPS AND THAT MADE ME BEDRIDDEN FOR A COUPLE MORE HOURS.

Gonna take my brother to take pictures of restaurants... or... something for the school newspaper. Should shower. Wooo~

Did I mention I got the S2 Supernatural DVDs recently? 8D Ehehehehehe.... AND ALSO, SORRY, NANOSTORY; I CHEATED ON YOU WITH MY SPN FIC. ;___;

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Erin (La Cidiana)
04 October 2007 @ 10:35 pm
TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY. AND IT WAS AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY. [ profile] pandaheero and [ profile] evildrew are amazing and treated me to Benihana AND BLINDFOLDED ME SO I COULDN'T SEE WHERE THEY WERE TAKING ME and then they gave me CAKE and GUITAR HERO II WITH A GUITAR EEEEEEEEEEEEE <3333333 Andrew and I got to do multiplayer on Guitar Hero (finally) and it was literally ROCKIN'.

Afterwards, my dad and I picked up food from my favorite Japanese place and took it home (we couldn't go to dinner because my mom is sick) and then I came home and have been playing GUITAR HERO. I WANT TO GET TO FREEBIRD. (I played through Guitar Hero II with [ profile] oh_my_stars and [ profile] burningvigor before, but now I HAVE ONE OF MY OWN. FOREVA. AHAHAHA.)



Omg so scary that I'm not a teenager anymore, though. ;; 20 YEARS OLD AHHH NO

ALSO, I was sick with a really nasty cold for a good five days, but TODAY I'M BETTER. EVEN THE POWERS THAT BE GAVE ME A BIRTHDAY PRESENT. YES
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26 August 2007 @ 10:22 pm
Back from Palm Desert. I got a TON of new clothes and stuff from the outlets there; I'll finally stop looking like a little ragamuffin with ratty t-shirts! Also got a new laptop bag (since lord knows how much my laptop got knocked around in my old messenger bag) as well as a cute purple handbag thing for when I'm out and about.

WHILE I WAS THERE, I BEAT TWILIGHT PRINCESS. I was kinda in a rush, though, so I want to go back and do all the sidequests/heartpiece-getting I missed.

ALSO, I HAVE READ FOUR VOLUMES OF BLEACH. YOU HAPPY, [ profile] katsudon AND CO? I would read more now, except I am weirdly nauseous and tired from a lack of sleep and excessive staying awake these past couple of days, and I should get to bed early (for once).

Not having a paid account is proving to be more trouble than I had previously considered. DAMNZ.

Also, Court's mom took us out for yummy ELECTRONIC-CRAZY lunching. Annnd yeah.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
11 June 2007 @ 11:11 pm
Before it's past midnight--

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] loreamara!!! :DDDD

Man, I'm so bad about remembering birthdays, though. I keep on trying to set LJ to notify me through e-mail when your guys' birthdays are coming up, and I always forget/it doesn't work. =_=; I think I missed [ profile] elendraug's for that reason even though I was keeping an eye on it. T_T DID I? I'M SO CONFUSED.

In other news, I stayed up 'till 7 AM this morning playing Flyff and then reading apps (I wanted to get you Gundam people done! ::shakefist::) but since I figured I could sleep in and still have time to do some work for my screenwriting class at 7 PM, I figured I was okay.

....Except not, since my mom woke me up at 10:30 AM for a dentist's appointment at 12 DDDX Had Japanese food from my favorite restaurant after that and then got back home around 2 PM and PASSED OUT until I woke up again around 6:15 PM and it was time to leave for my class. XD;;; I figured "fuck it" and took a shower and got there a fashionable hour late. But whatev. I ain't taking it for a grade, and we were doing fun stuff today anyway.

Also, my paid icons ran out, and though it's tempting to just reupload my very favorites instead of re-buying the extra space (since I have 43 spaces left anyway).... but I know I won't. D: WELL, maybe I will since I'm broke, but... yeah. XDDDD's after midnight now since I was doing modstuff and forgot I hadn't posted this yet but WHUTEV I WROTE IT BEFORE THEN. <333
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