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01 April 2008 @ 04:36 am
After all these years, I feel it is time to make a confession, dear friends-list. It is a confession of a terrible sin I have committed and maintained for a long time, a sin which many of you have suspected but which few of you have accused me of.

It is true. [ profile] lacidiana and [ profile] burningvigor are indeed both me.

You see, when I was a young child, I had an imaginary friend named Court, and when I still hadn't stopped seeing her in high school and had gone online to make friends, I decided to take on her personality and cultivate a fake 'best friends' relationship online. All those comment threads? All those pairing discussions and RP logs and e-mails and AIM conversations? It was all me, everyone. I wasted so much time on leading a double life -- why else do you think I always fell behind in school? Why else do you think I was always late with shift-changes and terrible with e-mail replies? Why do you think I practiced at photoshopping images? To add pictures of 'Court' to them.


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Erin (La Cidiana)
26 December 2007 @ 02:13 pm
WOO, Christmas is over, and of course that means I have shiny new things from shiny people. <3 I'm really happy with all the stuff I got this year, from the smallest thing to the biggest thing, which is... strange, since this is one of the first years where I haven't asked for any one big huge thing from my parents--what I wanted was an SD card, Guitar Hero III (minus any guitar), and the Heroes DVD set. My brother and I got my parents all three Bourne DVDs (they LOVE those movies) and I got my brother World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, which I knew he'd enjoy and get a kick out of. <3 Also got Court RE4 for Wii and yaaay so glad it was a hit. 8D

My parents almost didn't go searching for the stuff I wanted when they were all out of EVERYTHING at this one Best Buy but then they did and FOUND THE STUFF so when I opened my big box of stuff, the first thing I saw was the Heroes DVDs and I was all "YOU DID FIND THEM!!!" and... stuff. 8D And then they totally surprised me with the s3 House DVDs, which I'd wanted but felt I shouldn't ask for, and my brother, who's usually so crappy with gifts, was really sweet this year and got me the s2 Batman: The Animated Series DVDs which I'd JUST BEEN EYEING at Best Buy the other day as something I really wanted but would probably never actually ask for. And they also happen to have a TON of episodes I remember from my childhood and wanted to see again and stuff. SO OMG. (That one episode that's basically Dean's djinn experience except with Batman? DDD: I really remembered that one clearly, and it was like the SECOND episode on the DVDs, D'AWWW, BRUCE <333)

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Have I ever mentioned my dad can cook like a mofo? Because he can. On Christmas Eve, my dad ovened up this RIDICULOUSLY huge and RIDICULOUSLY delicious pre-cooked honeyed ham that we had with a bunch of other stuff like potatoes and artichokes, and then on Christmas Day, he put his full meat-cooking skill to the test and made this HUGEASS PRIME RIB for all the ten other people (+my four immediate family members) who came over, plus buttered baked potatoes and all this other stuff and oh my god that prime rib was SO FUCKING GOOD. And then we had dessert. And oh man. DELICIOUS.

Anyway, I was both extremely happy with the gifts I got this year as well as the gifts I got for other people. I realized this year how fun it is to wrap things up all nicely and I also realized how awesome it is to get someone something they'll love but something they won't really expect, and to see the look on their face when they open it is really exciting.


Anyway, later on that night, I went and picked up Court and brought her back here once I'd asked my mom if she wanted to watch the first couple episodes of Heroes with me (which Court wanted to join in on :X) annnd we watched them. And my mom seems to really like it so far! (She was all "THEY'RE ALL INTERESTING except for that Niki woman." ROFL) And she had some awesome reactions to stuff:

Re Mr. Muggles: "I'm not THAT bad with Jack, am I?"
Re Hiro in New York: "OH MY GOD FIVE WEEKS???"

Re Petrellis: "What, so are all the male members of their family able to fly at a certain age and the younger one hasn't gotten there yet?"

But yeah, first Supernatural, and now Heroes, hopefully! I'm glad I can share this stuff with my mom, woo. AM I WEIRD?

But yeah. Um. Yeah. 8D
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Erin (La Cidiana)
22 November 2007 @ 07:25 pm
Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Americans! And to everyone else... good evening? :D I'm the kind of person who actually loves Thanksgiving because my dad makes a mean Thanksgiving meal--seriously fucking delicious. Could do without my failure grandmother from my mom's side who pretends that she knows us grandchildren so well when she doesn't know us at all, wtf awkward, but THE AWESOME FOOD MAKES UP FOR ALL OF IT TWO-FOLD.

Full for now but I'll be all over those leftovers tomorrow.

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Erin (La Cidiana)
31 October 2007 @ 03:14 am
I GOT COURT'S GIFT IN THE MAIL TODAY, AKA TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS!!! omg need to get to godot nownownownownow and I hope I don't get terribly spoiled for anything D:

Played through the first case; now I'm gonna take my chance to work on the Supernatural fic before NaNo starts. Speaking of NaNo, I should get a writing playlist together like [ profile] elendraug suggested; seems like a really good idea.

Don't you hate it when you've just been thinking of a song you want to hear, but then you forget what it was once you get a chance to open your music? kfjhksdf

Halloween tomorrow! (Or today, depending on how you look at it.) I'll probably throw some kind of costume together and man the door for trick-or-treaters; had a lot of fun doing that last year and seeing all the adorable little kids. :D

And ummm I need to respond to all of you guys' comments. <3 BUT FOR NOW, PRODUCTIVITY CALLS!

Edit: UGH I just realized I've forgotten to post AGAIN at [ profile] damned for people who know who they are (+ for Head Doctor man) but now it is sleepy time and DDDD: SORRIES ALL AROUND aw man, I should really drop one... or two... or all of my characters; I really, really suck at keeping up with it all as a player.
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