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26 May 2008 @ 10:35 am
Saw Iron Man for a second time yesterday after FULLY SURPRISING Andrew for his birthday with Court and Sabrina having come down. <3 Jenny made delicious cake and we all had an awesome time. 8D

Oh, and since I forgot to mention it the first time I saw it? IRON MAN WAS HOT AND AMAZING AND FANTASTIC. even though I don't know anything about the original canon ohgod poser I rambled and rambled about how Court needed to see it, and now that she has, she's scouring the pages at [ profile] scans_daily for everything Iron Man and rambling incessantly about needing some version of Tony Stark at [ profile] damned. I hope I get to see it again with my parents, aaaheheheheh.

ALSO, WHILE WAITING FOR IRON MAN? I saw the new Dark Knight trailer, and like, I'd been excited at the ones I'd seen before, but I totally FLIPPED OUT at this one because HOLY SHIT JOKER AND TWO-FACE AND KAJHSKLADFLSKJH (they're my two favorite Batman villains) and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

And now I'm tempted to app Animated Series!Batman at [ profile] damned. ;_; I need to wait to see if I can handle who I have right now (when I get off of hiatus) and if I want to app Bale!Batman (once I see Dark Knight--WE WANNA DO MIDNIGHT SHOWING, IMAX WOOOOOO). I hope that movie doesn't disappoint me. ;_; ...Or if I don't change my mind between then and now ahahaha. XD

BUT YEAH. SUPERHEROES ON THE BRAIN. Though I'm also looking forward to working on another chapter of the djinnfic. 8D Eeeee Winchesters. <3
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Erin (La Cidiana)
Did you guys know I've seen the old Indiana Jones movies more times than I can count, that I can recite some Crusade scenes from memory if I try? That young Harrison Ford holy shit no one can ever compete Indy was my ill-fated, ill-timed adolescent crush?

Oh, yes. I love my Indy.

SO. For Andrew's birthday today (HAPPY (KINDA) BELATED BIRTHDAY, [ profile] evildrew!!! <3<3<3), we went and saw Indiana Jones and the Plastic Surgery Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls on opening day. Oh yes, watching my Indy--who I had previously considered forever young--with grey hair and wrinkles was painful, and I was suspicious of this old man who had donned the fedora and pretended to be my childhood hero. Soon, however, I realized he had the same half-goofy, half-badass antics, the same cheesy lines, the same crazy escapes and generally the same spirit about him. My Indy! He lived! I sat in glee at the action scenes (Indy's greatest escape yet!), the crazy commies (no moar Nazis? weirdly sad!), the jokes (SNAKES!), and the adorable, adorable character interaction (will not spoil!). Three quarters through the movie, I was thinking "You know? This is actually PRETTY DAMN GOOD, all incredibly unsettling CGI aside!"




Bottom Line: Exceeded expectations even if the climax was "wtf"-worthy. Old!Indy was surprisingly easy to acclimate to after a while, even though I now feel like I need to watch Raiders to get some my hot Indy fix. >_>;

THE REAL QUESTION ON EVERYONE'S MIND?: I hate to betray my beloved Indy and say this, but yeah, Iron Man was better IMHO. D: If you have to choose between the two, GO FOR THE STILL-ATTRACTIVE TONY STARK. But seriously, I forgot to mention how I saw Iron Man, and it really was fantastic. I won't pretent to know the original canon (omgposer) but the movie was super-enjoyable even for someone new to the series.

THE REAL, REAL QUESTION ON EVERYONE'S MIND?: Actually, it's kind of hard to say if it was better than Temple of Doom, considering the ending. The character interaction works in its favor, though. I SUPPOSE ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

Also, one has to wonder why all these ancient civilizations spent centuries building these intricate structures that are DESIGNED TO IMMEDIATELY FALL APART ONCE SOMEONE ACTUALLY SETS FOOT IN THEM.

We need an Indy at Landel's, stat. A young one. 8D

ORITE: Two more things:



I blame [ profile] famira for the last one.
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