Erin (La Cidiana)
23 February 2008 @ 04:03 pm
Blow-out fight with my mom whose details you don't want to hear about. )

Wonderful aftermath you do want to hear about:

About halfway to the mall, I decided to sit down on the sidewalk and untense a little, since I was still kinda messed up, and then, from behind the gate-thing I was sitting by, this cat comes over to me and meows and meows at me to pet him, totally cheering me up. It was the best thing ever, and this other cat came out too, though he kinda stayed back and wasn't as friendly. During the course of my petting the cat and giving him attention, my mom called and apologized and we made up, so everything was all good, and at that point, I decided to look at the cat's collar and find out the name of the adorable, wonderful, attention-seeking kitty that had brightened up my day and made me feel okay again.

And what do I see?


...No, I am not joking. I of course concluded that the other, less-friendly cat must have been named "Natey," but I suppose I'll never know. :(

In any case, I continued to the mall and got pizza and See's candy. And then my mom picked me up and we got groceries and on the way home, I got to drive my dad's Mustang convertible, a Mustang convertible that I may ACTUALLY END UP GETTING. KAJSKDD

Long story made short about how spoiled and fortunate I am. )

As I drove home, I felt all badass and pretended I was Dean. <3333 Or Hughes, since, you know, I was riding a Mustang.

Oh, and I had the brilliant idea of making HEAAAAAAAAT OF THE MOMENTTTTTT my ringtone for my alarm to wake up in the morning. I will hate it as much as Sam by the end of things.

And I am slowly becoming a scary beast at Guitar Hero. Beat Slash on Expert and I'm at the second-to-last bracket on GHIII now, all of whose songs are... impossible. D: I do believe I will develop carpel tunnel and tendonitis at this rate, nngghhh WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF.
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