Erin (La Cidiana)
29 April 2009 @ 11:05 pm
Bahhhh I feel unproductive even when I am being productive.

I'm trying to get up really early so I can talk to Court in the morning (get up super early instead of staying up super late) and also because I'm way better at being on time to class when I wake up way ahead of schedule. The downside to this is, of course, that I can't stay up as late and if I don't properly manage my time, I feel like I've wasted a whole day.

Still, today, I woke up after only like 2 1/2 hours of sleep, did my Creative Writing assignment no sweat, talked to Court, got showered, got dressed, was able to get to class on time by taking the bus (GASP), went to my classes, wrote out some more of sweet, merciful Heroes headcanon oh nathan's lord in heaven a previously abandoned Peter/Adam DarkFuture fic (that I might actually be able to post publicly if I ever finish it, yay!) during said useless Creative Writing class (my prof spent like five minutes singing. I am not joking) and then spent time in my new haven of the SMC library and updated my Schoolhouse scheduling program and worked out my new schedule for catch-up reading and did some of that reading, which I'd been putting off, and once I have a foot in the door, it's much easier for me to complete a task than it is to get up and start it, so... that's good!

So all in all, I feel like I've been productive, but then I think back to apps and how I really need to get my ass in gear on reading them and how we're making people wait so long, and I also think how I was in the library for like four and a half hours and I should have been able to get more done, and just how I have such a horrible sense for time and time management and.... I don't know, I just feel like it takes me so much more time to do things than it should. ;; Even when I'm not actively procrastinating or anything! And then I get home and it's time to sleep again if I want to get up early. Auggghh. Which is what I need to do now. This also all might have to do with my issues with getting to my damn Anthro class on time or even getting to it at all and I hope I can pull a B from the class, at least, and it's ironic since the prof is great and a hilarious lecturer, but... augh, long story, but anyway, I seem to be fixing those problems now. ::Crosses fingers.::

So on one hand, I don't feel down in the dumps or anything like that and I think I'm heading in the right direction for my internal clock's sake, but on the other, I do feel kind of... I dunno, I don't think there's a word for it, but it's like very understated but chronic dissatisfaction and guilt over myself in general, I guess. Even though I do feel like I'm heading in a very positive direction? Idk.

I'll say "indescribable," because then I get to use a shiny new Nathan mood icon. Yeah. >>;;;;;


And for once, I listen.

Oh, also, I'm on a huge E.S. Posthumus kick right now. [ profile] tinted_glass is so my music soulmate. <33333
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Erin (La Cidiana)
23 September 2008 @ 02:11 pm
I woke up this morning and my first thought was: "...oh right. :|"

In other news, my hip-attached associate (a.k.a. Court) is gone from L.A. (SADNESS) and in not-so-other-news, tonight I get to try to discuss the Heroes premiere with my newfound Film 1 friend while trying to not come off as a too-invested, foaming-at-the-mouth freak. Which I kind of am, so. Seriously, I'm not so immature as to just stop watching, and the rest seemed cool other than that one certain arc (and Mohessica) but... Jesus Christ, I'm supposed to be looking forward to Mondays, not dreading them.

HOWEVER, [ profile] tinted_glass, this music is indeed jawsome and totally me and makes me feel a little better about not being able to shut up stop thinking about this so THANK YOU FOR THAT. <333
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Erin (La Cidiana)
21 May 2008 @ 04:41 am
Was looking up Teardrop by Massive Attack on wikipedia since I just downloaded the version they played in the House finale, and...

Canadian rockers Our Lady Peace covered the song in live performances.


Edit: WHOA, FOUND. SURREAL. Oh, Raine Maida, you and your ridiculous voice warbling. <3

Also, I finished the novel we have to read for English, which saves me a teeny bit of stress. Doesn't change the fact I need to get a presentation together in six days and then turn in a five page English paper and a 15-20 page Anthropology paper on the same day a week after. D8 ahhhhhhhhh i am going to diiiiiiiiieeeeeee

For the linguistic anthropology paper, I know I definitely want to focus on internet language in regards to more literate social networking sites like LJ, (like, how English gets butchered on this side of the internet for the sake of expressiveness and satire rather than shorthand practicality) among other things, but um... I... need help fleshing out that idea into something I can write about. I was wondering if I include something about online RP and how we writers need to discern between OOC cues and IC cues, as well as changes in writing styles, since during the course of my research I read this pretty interesting anthro article on the use of "I" in reference to someone's character in tabletop roleplay and sci-fi convention stuff.

ANYWAY. ANY IDEAS? SHOOT 'EM AT ME; I NEED THEM. ...please. .__. The good thing about studying the internet is that I have a wealth of archived examples at my fingertips, but the downside is that I can easily make myself look like an idiot if my rambly essay sounds like... well, the ramblings of a self-indulgent internet retard. The project is pretty free in terms of subject matter so long as we have research and evidence and write in an ethnographic article format, so um... yes.

Also, I am so sad I have to go on hiatus at [ profile] damned and goddamn do I wanna work on that Supernatural fic. ;____;
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Erin (La Cidiana)
22 April 2008 @ 05:47 am
WOOO finished my essay with enough time to get some sleep! \o/ (Which I will now ruin to make an entry, but okay.) It's rough-around-the-edges, but I'll proofread and smooth it out tomorrow. Also gotta remember to turn in my makeup quiz summary... thing. Which happens to be from the story that had a brother-related quote that of course made me baaaaaawwwww. UM. Yeah.

I have read 30 apps! This is an impressive pace for me, but not so good for everyone else, considering that's not even halfway done. D8 OH WELL I don't have an essay anymore, so I should be able to devote more time to reading this coming week. WOO! ...So long as I don't have to start working on that 15-20 page essay due in a month and a half for my Ling. Anthro class aughskjhfd

Also, I've been on a Frou Frou/Imogen Heap/IAMX/Sneaker Pimps kick for like months now, at least in Imogen Heap's case. GOOD FUCKING STUFF.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
08 December 2007 @ 06:53 pm
Was so pumped over possible crossover stuff that I did photoshop doodle... thing.

Evil!Sam & vague Supernatural SPOILERS in explanation. )

In other news, I downloaded all the tracks used in Supernatural off an awesome site. WOO.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
29 November 2007 @ 05:08 am
7000+ WORDS ON DJINNFIC AND 2000+ ON VAMPIRE!DEAN. WOOO. Granted that that's including extra brainstorming/cut out bits that I plan to include later, but since they will be incorporated in eventually, I COUNT THEM AS WORDS? In any case, I was right: It's nice to take a break on Vampire!Dean and go to DjinnFic and vice versa. 8D TWO PROJECTS ARE BETTER THAN ONE? KEEPS DEM CREATIVE JUICES FLOWIN'.


RP stuff and poll results! )

AND TODAY. Today. I went to SMC with my mom and we both bitched at the people in the admissions office about how their enrollment site totally screwed me over, so now what we have to do is pay the fee so I can sign up for my classes, then I have to contact the professors of the classes I was supposedly enrolled in and have them verify to the admissions office that I was never in those classes so I can get a reimbursement and have the classes struck from my record. HOPEFULLY, THEY WILL RESPOND TO THE E-MAILS I WRITE TOMORROW. And if not, I will e-mail again. >:[

Then we had yummy Gilbert's and had just enough cash to pay for all of it. 8D

The inside of my left ear is hurting randomly, wtf. ;; This does not bode well, as my right ear is the one that occasionally gets a weird and persistent high-pitched ring in it. WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF. At least I'm not as bad as Maxine, who plays her music on her headphones so loud that I can hear it from the other room at her house.

SPEAKING OF YOUNG PEOPLE DESTROYING THEIR EAR DRUMS. ...Man, this song is pornographic. But cool. <3 THANKS FOR THE MUSIK, [ profile] tinted_glass! And I need to send you the stuff too, [ profile] loreamara. 8D

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Erin (La Cidiana)
31 October 2007 @ 03:14 am
I GOT COURT'S GIFT IN THE MAIL TODAY, AKA TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS!!! omg need to get to godot nownownownownow and I hope I don't get terribly spoiled for anything D:

Played through the first case; now I'm gonna take my chance to work on the Supernatural fic before NaNo starts. Speaking of NaNo, I should get a writing playlist together like [ profile] elendraug suggested; seems like a really good idea.

Don't you hate it when you've just been thinking of a song you want to hear, but then you forget what it was once you get a chance to open your music? kfjhksdf

Halloween tomorrow! (Or today, depending on how you look at it.) I'll probably throw some kind of costume together and man the door for trick-or-treaters; had a lot of fun doing that last year and seeing all the adorable little kids. :D

And ummm I need to respond to all of you guys' comments. <3 BUT FOR NOW, PRODUCTIVITY CALLS!

Edit: UGH I just realized I've forgotten to post AGAIN at [ profile] damned for people who know who they are (+ for Head Doctor man) but now it is sleepy time and DDDD: SORRIES ALL AROUND aw man, I should really drop one... or two... or all of my characters; I really, really suck at keeping up with it all as a player.
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