Erin (La Cidiana)
29 September 2009 @ 09:59 am
So I stayed up late last night studying for my Latin American History quiz, trying to figure out how the hell the Common Application deals with letters of rec, and then trying to fall asleep pondering particular Heroes plotlines, and I think my anxieties conspired to make me have fitful dreams of Sylar trying to take over Venezuela.

Also post-shower my stomach is like giving me serious issues whenever I move ugh FUCK YOU, STRESS. At least the LMU advisor got back to me; forms are the way to go after all wooooo. I think I'll apply to Chapman too because what the hell they're also on the Common Application and are fairly nearby and apparently have good writing programs.

Also, sorry to people waiting on posts from me! D8 Will try to work on that during my break between classes today though now I need to track down instructors for those evaluations and jdfksajdhkf uuuugh
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Erin (La Cidiana)
29 November 2007 @ 05:08 am
7000+ WORDS ON DJINNFIC AND 2000+ ON VAMPIRE!DEAN. WOOO. Granted that that's including extra brainstorming/cut out bits that I plan to include later, but since they will be incorporated in eventually, I COUNT THEM AS WORDS? In any case, I was right: It's nice to take a break on Vampire!Dean and go to DjinnFic and vice versa. 8D TWO PROJECTS ARE BETTER THAN ONE? KEEPS DEM CREATIVE JUICES FLOWIN'.


RP stuff and poll results! )

AND TODAY. Today. I went to SMC with my mom and we both bitched at the people in the admissions office about how their enrollment site totally screwed me over, so now what we have to do is pay the fee so I can sign up for my classes, then I have to contact the professors of the classes I was supposedly enrolled in and have them verify to the admissions office that I was never in those classes so I can get a reimbursement and have the classes struck from my record. HOPEFULLY, THEY WILL RESPOND TO THE E-MAILS I WRITE TOMORROW. And if not, I will e-mail again. >:[

Then we had yummy Gilbert's and had just enough cash to pay for all of it. 8D

The inside of my left ear is hurting randomly, wtf. ;; This does not bode well, as my right ear is the one that occasionally gets a weird and persistent high-pitched ring in it. WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF. At least I'm not as bad as Maxine, who plays her music on her headphones so loud that I can hear it from the other room at her house.

SPEAKING OF YOUNG PEOPLE DESTROYING THEIR EAR DRUMS. ...Man, this song is pornographic. But cool. <3 THANKS FOR THE MUSIK, [ profile] tinted_glass! And I need to send you the stuff too, [ profile] loreamara. 8D

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