Erin (La Cidiana)
31 July 2009 @ 03:15 am
Ahahaha I have been watching a bunch of Sunny lately since I recently got Max and Christina hooked on it. XDDD I CAN WATCH THOSE EPISODES LIKE AN INFINITE AMOUNT OF TIMES AND THEY NEVER GET OLD I SWEAR TO GOD.

In other news, I'm gonna jump on the meme bandwagon:

The "You Should Write..." Meme!
my thread here

Even though you all know how much I fail at actually finishing things. :< STILL, I have been in a huge writing mood lately but have been super uninspired as to what to actually write, so.... HALP? MAYBE WILL DO THOSE AFTER APPS, WHICH MY 360 TIEMS HAVE BEEN TOTALLY SCREWING EVERYONE ELSE ME OVER WITH. sfhaksg

Also, I'm going to take a moment to pimp out this wonderful little app/online storage site called DROPBOX, and not just for the referral bonus either. Like, basically, you download this app and it gives you a folder in your computer that will automatically upload/rearrange/rename/MIRROR ANYTHING to your 2+GB's worth of a Dropbox site. This basically gets rid of the need to use any of those annoying, clunky, browser-based uploaders that don't work half the time (PHOTOBUCKET, I'M LOOKING AT YOU) and it even has a specific photo section that turns your photos into a really nice gallery. So, for example, I dragged a shitton of Petrelli pictures into a folder on my own computer and the site automatically generated this gallery for me. THAT SHIT SAVES YOU SO MUCH TIME. OH MY GOD.

However, the real cool thing is the automatic file sharing. For example, Court and I love to share pictures we've saved with each other, but in order to, we usually have to either dredge up the original URL or upload it manually ourselves, and then the other person usually has to manually save it. However, we tried out sharing a folder through Dropbox, and now we can basically just divebomb each other with Star Trek photos by dragging them into that folder and just letting it auto-upload to the site and then auto-download into the other person's computer. As a hard copy. IT'S LIKE HOUSE NETWORK FILE SHARING EXCEPT OVER THE INTERWEBS.

Anyway um. Yes. Highly recommended, even if you're sometimes double-dipping into your computer's hard drive space, and if you sign up with the above link, you get an extra 250MB so do I, but.

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Erin (La Cidiana)
01 March 2008 @ 11:23 pm
Okay, f-list, since like... only two of you I know of have seen this show, I shall tell you of


This is a show about a group of 'friends' who own a dive bar in Philadelphia. They aren't your usual lovable Cheers crowd, however: They're all a bunch of self-obsessed sociopaths, the likes of which make Jerry and the gang look like Red Cross volunteers. They're bigoted, they're greedy, they'll sell out each other at a moment's notice, and they're fucking hilarious.

More about the show. )


RICK ROLL'D by Dennis
The Gang Runs for Office
Hundred Dollar Baby Training Montage
Clown Baby
Door Marked Pirate
Baby Tanning Promo
Beatbox Promo
'DeVito Contract' Promo Skit

This is literally up there as my favorite show right now along with Supernatural and Heroes. I WANT TO DRAW/WRITE FANSTUFF OF THESE HORRIBLE PEOPLE. IT'S THAT GREAT.

My brother, by the way, is the one who got me into this show. We watched it every week last fall right after I finished Supernatural. <3 AND YES, I ALREADY HAVE MY MOM HOOKED ON THIS ONE TOO, BELIEVE IT OR NOT she's the one who wanted to buy the DVDs. And we did.
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