Erin (La Cidiana)
03 June 2008 @ 08:15 am
WOOOOOOOOOOO PAPER IS (kinda) DONE. It ended up being 21 pages long, and I still need to uh make the works cited list and proofread it and make the title page put finishing touches on it, but I need to sleep for uh three hours now and then I'll have an hour and a half to do that when I wake up. UNFORTUNATELY, I had to cut back on the subject matter and not talk about RP at all even though I got to do it at the presentation. ;_; BAAAAAWWWW. It was just too much to cover, and I was super-simplifying all the slang stuff as was.

Um um. I hope I don't read it tomorrow and think "AHHH SOUNDS RETARDED" or something. D: I'm especially worried I have like... barely any quotes from other sources, but wtf was I supposed to source? The most recent article I found on internet culture was from 2002 (which by internet standards means ANCIENT) and was about really generalized internet anthropological trends. There was one really interesting article on the use of "I" in regards to characters being played in MMORPGs that I could have definitely used in an online RP section, but um... no space and no time. D:

OH ALSO: [ profile] tinted_glass, I feel bad I haven't yet, but I'll totally respond to your sister survey once I'm done with my final papers this week. <3 YOU'LL ALSO BE PLEASED TO KNOW THAT THE MAIN SUBJECT OF MY PROCRASTINATION WHILE I PUT OFF THIS PAPER WAS MASS-WATCHINGS OF THE OFFICE EPISODES.

okay. naptime sleep now.
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