Erin (La Cidiana)
15 May 2008 @ 11:38 pm
holy shit holy shit Supernatural ASWPAURFKSDF

I THINK THAT MY CHATS WITH [ profile] burningvigor AND [ profile] famira SUM UP MY THOUGHTS QUITE NICELY


I will survive this summer by writing. And writing. And writing. And maybe drawing a little. And then writing some more.

How did live-action shows suddenly TAKE OVER MY LIFE???

Also, this cover is beautiful and I've had it on repeat for hours. <3 THANKS, [ profile] loreamara! <333


EDIT FOR FAM: HOLY JESUS maybe you're RIGHT: implied SPN spoilers )
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Erin (La Cidiana)
08 March 2008 @ 03:05 pm
Been kind of lively lately with.... life! Or something.

My dad is leaving his job as director of Environmental and Public Works in the middle of March, which is really weird considering he's been working for the City of Santa Monica for 25 years. He's been having big and small parties thrown for him by his bosses/co-workers/employees these past couple of weeks, the last of which was a big bash at this shi-shi restaurant where he got some really nice gifts and really nice speeches. To give some perspective: my dad's a pretty big environmentalist and has spent most of those 25 years working to get the city to change things to help lessen its environmental impact on the ocean and air. And though, as one of the speakers jokingly pointed out, he drives a very gas-efficient Ford Mustang and plays the very environmental sport of golf, he really has worked long and hard to achieve that goal, and even now, is moving to a new job with an environmentalist, non-profit organization. The downside is he's going to have to commute to Irvine, but his new employers are paying him extra to cover the cost of a natural gas car that he can use to breeze through the car pool lane (hopefully). In any case, I'm proud of him, though it's still weird he won't be working there anymore.

Rant about SMC parking and workshop stupidity. )

Whatever, I'm just going to have my mom drop me off in the morning from now on and take the bus back.

BUT HAPPIER THINGS: On the video game front, I've been playing lots of Pokémon and I beat the Elite Four and the Champion on my first try! YAAAAY! Time for the Pal Park and filling up the National Dex, which is.... tough considering I don't have any GBA Pokémon games. But my brother does. So I guess I'll steal that.


and I hope to god they DID change my pre-order to Brawl instead of Galaxy. >:[ ....OKAY CALLED THEM and they did. AWESOME.

OH and got ahold of Max and we've caught up on Supernatural and she's watched more Heroes.

Her reactions! Spoilers for most recent Spn episodes and towards the end of Heroes S1. )

As far as other Heroes things, I need to work on the meme that [ profile] cacodaemonia put up. And on the [ profile] damned front, I AM SO SO SAD THAT [ profile] roseisrain DROPPED CLAIRE BUT I AM ALSO SO SO HAPPY THAT [ profile] chaneystarr WILL BE APPING HER! EEEEEEE!!! <3333

And. I need to work on my Sylar app. >:)


Went flying with Andrew last night. LA lights at night are gorgeous. <3 And then we got Ben & Jerry's and watched some Sunny, which we'll hopefully continue with tonight as we wait for Brawl. :D

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