Erin (La Cidiana)
09 February 2007 @ 12:09 am
OKAY. Thanks for voting in that poll I put up, guys, I really appreciate it. <3 As it turns out, it looks like I'll go with the results and start using my personal journal as a writing/art/icons/graphics journal as well. :3 I'll try my best to keep everything under cuts, and comments/suggestions/constructive criticism are always appreciated. Just don't be too hard on me. XD; <3

Anyway, I guess this is kind of a cop-out since I already put these up to my now-somewhat-retired art journal, buttt... now I added commentary? XD; In any case, these are scans from my '05-'06 sketchbook, which chronicles about the time I started reeeeealllllly getting into FMA. XD; So expect spoilers and rambling. And not-so-great year-old art. XD;;;

Um. Not sure how I'm going to organize these from now on, but... yeah. XD;

Sketchbook '05-'06 )

UM. THAT WOULD BE ALL FOR PICSHURS. (AND LOOK, MA: TAGS.) Now I need to figure out why my Flock's been laggy. DX;


FIFTY-SIX APPS FOR [ profile] landels_damned. HOLY SHIT. O_O And it's not even over. 8D;;; On one hand, it's awesome to get so many interested RPers, but on the other... well, let's just say I'm happy Court had us start going over them ahead of time. XD; I really hope we're able to handle all the new faces and continue to keep it active and fun. <3 ILU GUYS.
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