Erin (La Cidiana)
26 April 2008 @ 10:39 pm Also LOL ERIN Did you ever realize that East and West are reversed on the maps? ............fuck you are not serious ARE YOU SERIOUS WOW I AM RETARDED ::FACEPALM:: WELP LINA POINTED IT OUT THE OTHER DAY IN HER JOURNAL. AND I WAS LIKE WOW HOW DID I NEVER REALIZE THAT? FUCKING HELL I AM SO RETARDED ::DIES IN A FIRE:: HOW IS IT THAT NONE OF US EVER NOTICED? BECAUSE WE'RE RETARDED, CLEARLY Oh well, GUESS THE DARK LANDEL'S FUTURE IS IN MIRRORLAND. ohgod I am retarded I am so fixing that like next dayshift shit D:
music: Cocteau Twins - The Thinner the Air