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27 May 2010 @ 09:07 am
(Video from Heroes, Audio from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.)
Original: Nightman - Sylar/Mohinder



In larger (read: [ profile] damned-related) news, HOLY SHIT SYLAR GOT M-U HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT did I mention this before WELL WHATEVER HE JUST GOT FUCKING SHAPESHIFTING OVER HERE AND HE'S ABOUT TO GET TORTURED AND ALSO WE GOT A CLAIRE AND IUYRKAJHLKAHFKJHKA OMGGGG this is of course on top of Heroes cancellation life is so good, guys. ;; ...Well actually, I was pretty sick yesterday but I'm feeling better now so. Yes. AAAAaaaaaaa. \o/

also I so might have to fill this prompt if no one else does because wow yes that arc and its potential still owns me sifhaksljhfakl
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20 November 2009 @ 12:07 am

Response! )

I THINK THAT IS IT? Also Sunny. Oh my god. D.E.N.N.I.S. Hilarious. I NEED TO BUY THAT CHRISTMAS SPECIAL ;_____;

Also I found a giant terrifying spider in my new place when I got home from my parents' AND HAD A HEART ATTACK TRYING TO CAPTURE IT AND TAKE IT OUTSIDE. /can't ever kill spiders ::VASH???::

OH YEAH SPEAKING OF WHICH I indeed moved out of my parents'. Into a place owned by.... my parents. BUT STILL? I am here and by myself wooooooo. |D

...............................................OH MY GOD I WROTE AN ENTIRE ENTRY WITHOUT HEROES TALK HOORAY ......wait shit
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15 October 2009 @ 10:37 pm
Re: Sunny


Re: College App
I turned it in! 8D YAAAAAAAAAAAY. Now to figure out when the hell I'm supposed to hear back.

Re: Posting
Sorry I've been AWOL recently, [ profile] nest and [ profile] famira! Will be getting those posts out riiiiiiiiiight now. :3

Re: Arkham Asylum
Oh god IT IS SO BADASS. Nggghhhh must play more. ;;

Re: Self
Been feeling all physically funky today. ;; HOPE THIS ENDS BY TOMORROW NIGHT. Gonna go up and visit Court for the weekend. 8D
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26 September 2009 @ 12:11 pm



In-depth report. )

Then, we all went back to my house and ordered pizza and played cards.

BUT YES. IT WAS AN AMAZING NIGHT, AND I AM SO GRATEFUL WE GOT TO BE SO CLOSE TO THE FRONT since jesus I would have been able to see NOTHING from further back ffffffff. But yes. Was awesome. So awesome. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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07 August 2009 @ 08:38 am

I still can't believe the venue for the original showing was like about ten minutes from my house. :(


EDIT: YESSSS I GOT THEM and NOW (since it's standing room only jesus) to show up hours early at the venue! /has flashbacks to Heroes event ffffffff
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31 July 2009 @ 03:15 am
Ahahaha I have been watching a bunch of Sunny lately since I recently got Max and Christina hooked on it. XDDD I CAN WATCH THOSE EPISODES LIKE AN INFINITE AMOUNT OF TIMES AND THEY NEVER GET OLD I SWEAR TO GOD.

In other news, I'm gonna jump on the meme bandwagon:

The "You Should Write..." Meme!
my thread here

Even though you all know how much I fail at actually finishing things. :< STILL, I have been in a huge writing mood lately but have been super uninspired as to what to actually write, so.... HALP? MAYBE WILL DO THOSE AFTER APPS, WHICH MY 360 TIEMS HAVE BEEN TOTALLY SCREWING EVERYONE ELSE ME OVER WITH. sfhaksg

Also, I'm going to take a moment to pimp out this wonderful little app/online storage site called DROPBOX, and not just for the referral bonus either. Like, basically, you download this app and it gives you a folder in your computer that will automatically upload/rearrange/rename/MIRROR ANYTHING to your 2+GB's worth of a Dropbox site. This basically gets rid of the need to use any of those annoying, clunky, browser-based uploaders that don't work half the time (PHOTOBUCKET, I'M LOOKING AT YOU) and it even has a specific photo section that turns your photos into a really nice gallery. So, for example, I dragged a shitton of Petrelli pictures into a folder on my own computer and the site automatically generated this gallery for me. THAT SHIT SAVES YOU SO MUCH TIME. OH MY GOD.

However, the real cool thing is the automatic file sharing. For example, Court and I love to share pictures we've saved with each other, but in order to, we usually have to either dredge up the original URL or upload it manually ourselves, and then the other person usually has to manually save it. However, we tried out sharing a folder through Dropbox, and now we can basically just divebomb each other with Star Trek photos by dragging them into that folder and just letting it auto-upload to the site and then auto-download into the other person's computer. As a hard copy. IT'S LIKE HOUSE NETWORK FILE SHARING EXCEPT OVER THE INTERWEBS.

Anyway um. Yes. Highly recommended, even if you're sometimes double-dipping into your computer's hard drive space, and if you sign up with the above link, you get an extra 250MB so do I, but.

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05 October 2008 @ 08:26 am
Okay. I only have scope, psychological effects, and Batman third-person sample left to do. Okay. ;; I have later today (once I sleep) and the day after, right? I CAN DO THIS. (I'm totally waking up "early" today to get in extra hours on this. >_>)

IN OTHER NEWS, my birthday this year was awesome and touched me deeply simply for the fact that my friends and family showed me, through little things, just how much they knew me and wanted to make me feel special. My friends apparently conspired together and succeeded at surprising me with exactly what I wanted (aka APOLLO JUSTICE and SUNNY SEASON 3 WOOO), and for my 21st, my dad got a bottle of champagne ahahaha. 8D I really don't like the taste of alcohol, but I had about a quarter of a glass for the sake of the occasion. Because yes. 21.

And seriously, even though I didn't go out and do anything out of the ordinary, I didn't need to. My parents being sweet and my buds being there to hang out with me and surprise me with Batman PEZ dispensers and Ben & Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough is all I need in my old age.

We ordered pizza, ate cake, and watched Beauty and the Beast and Iron Man. It was amazing. <3
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03 October 2008 @ 06:09 am
Okay, so Supernatural tonight was motherfucking awesome. Not that I should ever expect anything different from this goddamn amazing show.

Supernatural 403 RAMBLE. )

And you know what else I love? That's right: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Oh my god the car crashing and the attempted explosion and MAC IN THE WEDDING DRESS HAHAHAHAHAHA. Also PFFFT at Dennis for being all butthurt at not being invited into the SUICIDE PACT. And Frank with the mannequin. And Dee on the bus. And the glory hole. This show is so fucking ridiculous. Ridiculously brilliant. I'LL EAT THEIR BUTTS AND THEN MY STOMACH WILL BE FILLED... WITH THEIR BUTTS

Thursday is officially my favorite day of the week.

Okay, back to Batman app now. I did 1000+ words of it yesterday so HOPEFULLY I CAN CONTINUE though I have to sleep soon auugghhh

EDIT: FINISHED MY PERSONAL HISTORY. Just got... almost all the other major sections left auugggh. BUT STILL. It's really kind of scary how I did pretty much all of it from memory. No, seriously: I torrented the movie to double-check sequences of events I was sure I had out of order and it was all right. ERIN, THIS IS NOT HEALTHY.

Anyway, time to sleep. D8
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01 October 2008 @ 06:10 am
Dear self,

I know you worked really hard on a presentation last night and needed to reward yourself. That's cool.

However, this does not excuse (nor explain) why you just wasted an entire night on playing ADVANCE WARS. SRSLY, HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN??? After all, I have a Batman app due in, oh... FOUR DAYS? especially since now you know for sure you'll have competition ogawd

Now finish kicking that dude's ass and go to bed.


P.S. WHY HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING OLD GBA GAMES LATELY??? Given this, I feel like I should spend my soon-to-come birthday money on DS games. 8D

P.P.S. OH AND somehow the Heroes/Sunny crossover idea turned into a Supernatural/Sunny crossover idea. No, this is not because of what Heroes has done lately; I just think it might work better. And make for more funny. IT WOULD BE FUN TO PULL OFF.
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27 September 2008 @ 12:13 am
Funny story: my mom wanted to see the Heroes premiere from my recording on the DVR, but we ended up sitting down to watch it on the night that my dad was trying to get her ready to leave for one of their timeshares that they're spending a few days at. My dad got all miffed that she wasn't packing yet, and my mom got all pouty and was like "CRAIG, CAN I JUST FINISH THIS FIRST???"

Now they're going to be swinging by here to pick me up and bring me up there for a night, and my mom wants to get here early so she can watch the second half of the premiere with me. Pfffffffffft. Also watched it with Max and we had this exchange:

Some Heroes S3 spoilers. )


Supernatural 402 spoilers. )

Oh, and also, as a bonus on Mondo-Thursdays, I get me some Sunny too.

This is why I love this show. (I still want to write a crossover fanfic where Matt and Nathan, while on their trip to Philadelphia in S2, somehow end up at Paddy's. The possibilites are endless.)
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21 September 2008 @ 11:15 pm
SO. I figure that before I start freaking the hell out over the Heroes premiere tomorrow, I should first give my fangasm over SUPERNATURAL~

Season 4 premiere spoilers! )

OH, AND WHILE I'M AT IT, HOW ABOUT SOME SUNNY TALK? God, I hope this show never loses its hilarity. "YEAH. AND HOW DO YOU CATCH A CRICKET?" "WITH A GIANT BIRD." And all the Rambo stuff and HUMAN MEAT and man. WILD CARD HAHAHA.

....AND HO CRAP WE'RE IN THE HOURS NOW FOR THE HEROES COUNTDOWN ASAHDSDFZK I'm so worried about Nathan this season for some reason WHAT SIDE WILL HE CHOOOOSE WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN WHAT WHAT Entertainment Weekly really scared me by talking about some "spiritual reawakening" or some shit? Someone reassure me without spoiling me? ;____;

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13 September 2008 @ 12:43 pm

«The ‡RP Concrit‡ Meme»

I'M TRYING TO RESPOND TO OTHER PEOPLES' IN TURN. D: Seriously, I'd love some concrit to make sure I don't make (or continue to make) any dumb RP choices.... aside from my generally being too slow. Since I know that already. D8 I'LL RESPOND THIS TIME, I SWEAR. ;;

In other news, I had two dreams night before last and three dreams last night. Out of those five, four involved Heroes and three involved Nathan. MY BRAIN IS CLEARLY GETTING DESPERATE HERE especially since it was doing crossovers of like Disneyland and Heroes and MGS4 and Zelda and STAR FOX(??). It made Nathan the main star of my dream's version of the end of MGS4. Yeah, I dunno. GET OUT OF MY MIIIIIIIIIND, NATHAN HALP srsly. ;; I just have to keep focusing on how almost all my other shows are back this coming week YESSSS. House, Supernatural, Sunny... I WON'T GET HUNG UP ON YOU JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE PURPOSELY SPOILING THINGS TO GET ME EXCITED, HEROES. >:[

Now to...
√ do posts for [ profile] damned
• clean room
• do reading for school
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Erin (La Cidiana)
10 April 2008 @ 02:54 am
Gonna be heading up to Santa Barbara tomorrow~!

Hopefully. If I clean up my desk by the time I sleep and if my lack of a left-side windshield wiper doesn't put me in grave danger. D8 (Did I mention how it RANDOMLY SNAPPED OFF WHILE I HAD IT ON THE LOWEST SETTING WHILE I WAS DRIVING MAX HOME FROM HEROES-WATCHING THE OTHER DAY? YEAH WHUT.)

ngshadkas applications. Exciting, but I suddenly now empathize with the general feeling of impending OGOD that everyone else suffers. DDDD: A BLESSING IN DISGUISE, I SUPPOSE. I KNOW THE COMMON PLIGHT OR SOMETHING. We'll be sending out the stuff for second opinions soon ahhhh DDD:

ALSO, Andrew and I watched a bunch of Sunny today. :D I'm so happy that he likes it so much! And I am also happy that we'll be getting MOAR HOUSE AND SUPERNATURAL BY THE END OF THE MONTH. SCORE.

Uhm uhm. I should get on that cleaning so I can read some apps before I sleep. :3

EDIT @ 6 AM: Goddammit, cleaning took longer than I wanted it to (AS PER USUAL) but AT LEAST I GOT IT DONE! SANTA BARBARA, HERE I COME! And although I need to sleep now so I can leave at the time I need to, I shall read more apps tomorrow. I'm actually excited to read more rather than INTIMIDATED like I usually am. THIS IS GOOD? We totally sucked ass at getting a head start (read: NO HEAD START) this time, but HAY I'M AHEAD OF COURT SO FAR, SO THAT'S SOMETHING.

Also sdkfhgsdlkjgf gaiz, YOUR NERVOUSNESS MAKES ME FEEL SO BAD. ;; <3 SRY.
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27 March 2008 @ 09:05 pm
Sorry I've been.... gone as of late. Court, Brawl, and, believe it or not, actual schoolwork have kept me preoccupied. D8 And I need to clean my dirty-ass room too. Aughsakjdfh not to mention finishing my Sylar app.

Uhh, developments in my life? I finished my English essay and now I have to do one for Linguistic Anthropology, which I should start outlining as soon as I finish this post. Have been hanging out with Andrew and Sabrina, and we all hung out at Jenny's house yesterday and watched Enchanted (it was my second time). I need to download that one song...

Finished Sunny with Court, which has led to us quoting it incessantly to each other, and there apparently is going to be a fourth season, yaaaay~! HAPPY BOYS

SPEAKING OF WHICH, COURT AND I ARE PROBABLY THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WHO CARE ABOUT THIS BUT DENNIS WAS IN SERENITY WTF. He's the guy in the bank who tries to fight back and then gets bitchsmacked off the mule and shot by Mal when Reavers get ahold of his ass LOLOLOL. Court, my brother, and I pretty much died laughing. WON'T BE ABLE TO TAKE THAT SCENE SERIOUSLY AGAIN, I THINK. Filmographies are awesome in general; Court and I watched an episode of SVU and an episode of CSI that Milo Ventimiglia was in - TURNS OUT he played this memorable guest character in this memorable episode for me on CSI that I'd seen like three times before I haven't watched the reruns on Spike like crazy throughout my life, and I had NO IDEA since I hadn't seen it since I'd gotten into Heroes. What madness is this. I also want to download the two Law & Order episodes that Rob McElhenny (Mac) and Charlie Day (Charlie) were in, since I think I've seen both the episodes before I haven't watched the reruns on TNT like crazy throughout my life but not since I've watched Sunny.

Anyway, should work on that outline now.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
08 March 2008 @ 03:05 pm
Been kind of lively lately with.... life! Or something.

My dad is leaving his job as director of Environmental and Public Works in the middle of March, which is really weird considering he's been working for the City of Santa Monica for 25 years. He's been having big and small parties thrown for him by his bosses/co-workers/employees these past couple of weeks, the last of which was a big bash at this shi-shi restaurant where he got some really nice gifts and really nice speeches. To give some perspective: my dad's a pretty big environmentalist and has spent most of those 25 years working to get the city to change things to help lessen its environmental impact on the ocean and air. And though, as one of the speakers jokingly pointed out, he drives a very gas-efficient Ford Mustang and plays the very environmental sport of golf, he really has worked long and hard to achieve that goal, and even now, is moving to a new job with an environmentalist, non-profit organization. The downside is he's going to have to commute to Irvine, but his new employers are paying him extra to cover the cost of a natural gas car that he can use to breeze through the car pool lane (hopefully). In any case, I'm proud of him, though it's still weird he won't be working there anymore.

Rant about SMC parking and workshop stupidity. )

Whatever, I'm just going to have my mom drop me off in the morning from now on and take the bus back.

BUT HAPPIER THINGS: On the video game front, I've been playing lots of Pokémon and I beat the Elite Four and the Champion on my first try! YAAAAY! Time for the Pal Park and filling up the National Dex, which is.... tough considering I don't have any GBA Pokémon games. But my brother does. So I guess I'll steal that.


and I hope to god they DID change my pre-order to Brawl instead of Galaxy. >:[ ....OKAY CALLED THEM and they did. AWESOME.

OH and got ahold of Max and we've caught up on Supernatural and she's watched more Heroes.

Her reactions! Spoilers for most recent Spn episodes and towards the end of Heroes S1. )

As far as other Heroes things, I need to work on the meme that [ profile] cacodaemonia put up. And on the [ profile] damned front, I AM SO SO SAD THAT [ profile] roseisrain DROPPED CLAIRE BUT I AM ALSO SO SO HAPPY THAT [ profile] chaneystarr WILL BE APPING HER! EEEEEEE!!! <3333

And. I need to work on my Sylar app. >:)


Went flying with Andrew last night. LA lights at night are gorgeous. <3 And then we got Ben & Jerry's and watched some Sunny, which we'll hopefully continue with tonight as we wait for Brawl. :D

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Erin (La Cidiana)
01 March 2008 @ 11:23 pm
Okay, f-list, since like... only two of you I know of have seen this show, I shall tell you of


This is a show about a group of 'friends' who own a dive bar in Philadelphia. They aren't your usual lovable Cheers crowd, however: They're all a bunch of self-obsessed sociopaths, the likes of which make Jerry and the gang look like Red Cross volunteers. They're bigoted, they're greedy, they'll sell out each other at a moment's notice, and they're fucking hilarious.

More about the show. )


RICK ROLL'D by Dennis
The Gang Runs for Office
Hundred Dollar Baby Training Montage
Clown Baby
Door Marked Pirate
Baby Tanning Promo
Beatbox Promo
'DeVito Contract' Promo Skit

This is literally up there as my favorite show right now along with Supernatural and Heroes. I WANT TO DRAW/WRITE FANSTUFF OF THESE HORRIBLE PEOPLE. IT'S THAT GREAT.

My brother, by the way, is the one who got me into this show. We watched it every week last fall right after I finished Supernatural. <3 AND YES, I ALREADY HAVE MY MOM HOOKED ON THIS ONE TOO, BELIEVE IT OR NOT she's the one who wanted to buy the DVDs. And we did.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
20 January 2008 @ 05:56 pm

(Spoilers up to Heroes 211. Audio from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. NSFW.)

High-quality version here. 10.75MB.
Original Sunny clip here.



This is what I do when I am out of town with crappy internet.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
15 January 2008 @ 05:04 am
FINE, FINE, I'll do it too. From everyone and their brother, but originally [ profile] burningvigor.

Name a fandom, and I'll talk pairings at you. My favorite, why, any weird ones I ship, and any unpopular opinions I have. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask too.

Oh, man, fandoms... uhm.

If you don't know the stuff I'm familiar with! )


Also, why all you fools need to watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. )

...I should read apps before I sleep. 8D;
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Erin (La Cidiana)
24 November 2007 @ 08:26 pm
Been hanging out with Court these past couple of days. <3 Last night, we stayed up looking for good Heroes and Supernatural fic, respectively, and actually SUCCEEDED. WOOO. I've also shown her It's Always Sunny and I am glad to report that she is thoroughly amused. <3 We've also been watching through a bunch of Heroes and Supernatural commentary (mostly Heroes since Supernatural doesn't have as much :( ) and my mom let slip that I've apparently been mentioning Heroes a lot to her. SIGH. GODDAMMIT, COURT, LAUGHING AT ME. ;[

Also, tried out cafepress by ordering a couple of custom bumper stickers and they came and they're BEAUTIFUL! WOO. And... started actually writing vampire!Dean.

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Erin (La Cidiana)
22 November 2007 @ 07:25 pm
Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Americans! And to everyone else... good evening? :D I'm the kind of person who actually loves Thanksgiving because my dad makes a mean Thanksgiving meal--seriously fucking delicious. Could do without my failure grandmother from my mom's side who pretends that she knows us grandchildren so well when she doesn't know us at all, wtf awkward, but THE AWESOME FOOD MAKES UP FOR ALL OF IT TWO-FOLD.

Full for now but I'll be all over those leftovers tomorrow.

DVD ramblings. )
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