Erin (La Cidiana)
10 September 2010 @ 05:44 pm
wow I haven't posted to my LJ in ages but finally... FINALLY, I found something worth posting.


seriously I am. I expected. so bad but this. is just. .....sob.

UHHH IN OTHER NEWS. MY LIFE RIGHT NOW. UM. Basically, just started going back to school at LMU, still super into Heroes despite my soul hurting and also... sort of... GETTING INTO DOCTOR WHO? Been watching a ton of it and I kind of want to musebox Ten somewhere even though I feel like a supaposer. ;A; ALSO I recently reworked my resume and submitted it for an internship I was v. interested in and... THEY GOT BACK TO ME THE NEXT DAY? WOOHOO. I feel like an idiot since they called in the morning and I didn't wake up until... 4, so when I called them back the day was already over even though they'd said today would be ideal for an interview so. Sob. Hope I didn't just screw myself over. D8 They said they'd call back this week to schedule an interview for next week but. YOU NEVER KNOW. I'll definitely be following up on this. :|a ...and I also hope I didn't come off as an idiot over the phone. Ggghhhhdkfjs ...although on the bright side, the extra time will give me a chance to get some... decent interview clothes, of which I recently realized I have none. :|

ANYWAY YES. LJ POST. CAN CHOOSE A MOOD AGAIN. AND DO THINGS. AAAAA. Also, right, another update: apped BUZZ LIGHTYEAR to [ profile] damned. And got in. [ profile] nest will be my Woody. This is going to be glorious.

BUT FIRST I need to post to Elle&L and, you know, prove I can multitask and stuff. ...which I think time has proven I can't BUT YOU NEVER KNOW UNLESS YOU WORK ON IT. OR something. I am incoherent.

music: Rihanna - Shut Up and Drive
mood: optimistic