Erin (La Cidiana)
04 January 2010 @ 05:22 pm
PHEW, these last few of weeks have been pretty crazy. First, going up to Tahoe, then, family holiday stuff, then, hanging out for a few days with the usual gang, then, [ profile] nest coming into town and hanging out with [ profile] burningvigor and me and doing touristy things, then, adding that to hanging out with [ profile] wyna_hiros and [ profile] famira, and watching them go after each other in Super Mario Wii with psychopathic precision... crazytiems, man.

Then, yesterday, I drove Court back up to Santa Barbara and Jansen came with – WE HAD SOME TROUBLE FINDING OUR WAY due mainly to me rambling about fandom crap way too enthusiastically at the wheel, BUT IT WAS OKAY IN THE END. We got Freebirds and ice cream and then Jansen and I headed back to my place and we talked the night aawaaaayyyyy~ Then, I took her to the airport this morning. :(((( And went to get the H1N1 shot, per my mom's orders.

ANYWAY, now I am home and alone and chillaxing. SORRY FOR NOT REPLYING TO ANYONE ON THE SYLAR USERNAME THING and jesus christ do I need to do posts. I am assuaged only by the fact that it was his roomie who was distracting me. :>

Right, so I also found out [ profile] famira lives literally a mile from my house. GODDAMN YOU WE NEED TO MAKE THIS HANGING OUT THING REGULAR /SHAKEFIST

...Heroes tonight. I almost managed to block it out. /)_(\
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Erin (La Cidiana)
18 June 2009 @ 02:03 am
HAY GAIZ. Just letting you all know I'll be gone from tomorrow until July 2nd because I will be in... JAPAN AHHHHHH. I am going with [ profile] evildrew, [ profile] endless_abyss and [ profile] pandaheero and, along with sightseeing, we will be visiting [ profile] burningvigor and I will be meeting [ profile] nest for the first time RL ahhh. djkfh

I AM PRETTY NERVOUS and doing last minute packing and cleaning and and yeah. D: I'll be checking my email as much as I can (Jenny has an iPod touch) but I probably will only be sporadically responding and my access will be limited. ANYWAY AHHHHHHH SEE ALL YOU GUYS IN TWO WEEKS.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
10 April 2008 @ 02:54 am
Gonna be heading up to Santa Barbara tomorrow~!

Hopefully. If I clean up my desk by the time I sleep and if my lack of a left-side windshield wiper doesn't put me in grave danger. D8 (Did I mention how it RANDOMLY SNAPPED OFF WHILE I HAD IT ON THE LOWEST SETTING WHILE I WAS DRIVING MAX HOME FROM HEROES-WATCHING THE OTHER DAY? YEAH WHUT.)

ngshadkas applications. Exciting, but I suddenly now empathize with the general feeling of impending OGOD that everyone else suffers. DDDD: A BLESSING IN DISGUISE, I SUPPOSE. I KNOW THE COMMON PLIGHT OR SOMETHING. We'll be sending out the stuff for second opinions soon ahhhh DDD:

ALSO, Andrew and I watched a bunch of Sunny today. :D I'm so happy that he likes it so much! And I am also happy that we'll be getting MOAR HOUSE AND SUPERNATURAL BY THE END OF THE MONTH. SCORE.

Uhm uhm. I should get on that cleaning so I can read some apps before I sleep. :3

EDIT @ 6 AM: Goddammit, cleaning took longer than I wanted it to (AS PER USUAL) but AT LEAST I GOT IT DONE! SANTA BARBARA, HERE I COME! And although I need to sleep now so I can leave at the time I need to, I shall read more apps tomorrow. I'm actually excited to read more rather than INTIMIDATED like I usually am. THIS IS GOOD? We totally sucked ass at getting a head start (read: NO HEAD START) this time, but HAY I'M AHEAD OF COURT SO FAR, SO THAT'S SOMETHING.

Also sdkfhgsdlkjgf gaiz, YOUR NERVOUSNESS MAKES ME FEEL SO BAD. ;; <3 SRY.
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