Erin (La Cidiana)
29 February 2012 @ 07:37 am
WHOA, I've been productive lately. Some of this might have to do with telling Court to lock me out of my own Tumblr for weeks at a time and slowly tricking myself into thinking that there is nothing fun on the internet except for writing, but shhh. I'd been really falling behind on schoolwork and script pages, but ever since I had a talk with one of my screenwriting profs, I've been inspired to take his advice and sit down at the same time every night and get around five pages out -- so far, it's been working (even if sometimes I only crank out three or four, um), and I'm finally starting to catch up! WOOHOO!

Annnd, better yet, I've been tackling my LoM/DW longfic and doing a bunch of edits that I'd been putting off, and now I think I'm abooouuut ready to move forward into EXCITING THINGS (aka tardistardistardistardistardistardis). I'm really happy I decided in advance to not post any chapters up until I'd finished and polished, since now I can go back and embed shit and look clever when really I'm just incredibly slow and indecisive kajfhks. But yeah, I'd been leaving that sitting pretty on GooDocs for a while, and now I've moved it into WriteRoom and am WORKING LIKE A DEMON. ...Not that that means. Especially fast for me. BUT STILL. WORKING. CONSISTENTLY. ON A LONG PROJECT. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS.

Excerptttt )

Oh, also picked up my tablet again and so I've been sketching too??? Talented peeps on Plurk (aka Ryu and Brenda) mentioned somewhere that to practice properly, you need to draw things you aren't good at, and that kind of indirectly shamed me into wanting to try that skjfksaf SO BEEN TRYING FULL BODIES? AND SHADING? Badly, but trying nonetheless.


Now, to get myself a new internship... 8|a
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Erin (La Cidiana)
08 January 2012 @ 03:41 am
I haven't posted for a while in this, and when I do, it seems to generally be fic or other fan contributions, but just in case that anyone still wants to follow me...

I have moved to hughes @ Dreamwidth!

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD ME ON DW! After getting amped up for Dreamwidth in the light of LJ's idiocy, I'm actually aiming to post a bit more to my journal, so, um... yes! It'll probably still be as incoherent as it was in the good ol' days, but there you go!

I'll also still be crossposting everything to Livejournal for the sake of ease -- fic and fan contributions included, so LJ users, never fear! You won't miss out on anything from my... all-important... self. Um.

On an added note, you can also find me on hughes @ tumblr 24/7, so feel free to add me there too if... you don't mind gratuitous postings of Dean/Cas Supernatural and Sam/Gene Life on Mars.

...Hughes is my new thang now. Idk. IS IT A DECENT HANDLE? At least now people won't confuse La Cidiana as Laci Diana, right dsgsalihdg
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