Erin (La Cidiana)
28 February 2009 @ 07:12 am
Holy crap I have not updated in a month.


Started school; switched classes around a bit; trying to use Schoolhouse (which is amazing) to fully organize myself since I actually have a full load of classes now; hoping to drive down to see [ profile] tinted_glass on Sunday; need to beg my Film 2 instructor to let me use a laptop in class since I kind of need it to take proper notes; filmed my mom's friend's son's environmental speech thing and she gave me a 50 dollar check for it, which I lost, but it's okay since I didn't deserve it anyway for being late :(

ORITE WE GOT THIS AWESOME NEW SONY CAMCORDER FOR CHRISTMAS except the only problem is that, as my computer is now, it's only compatible with my bootleg version of Final Cut Pro 6. Hmmmm. Might have to try out an actual legal version of Final Cut Express 4 thar, seeing as it's reasonably priced (and since I refuse to use the new iMovie incarnations oh god they are hideous).

Also, during the course of browsing Mac freeware sites, I came across the absolutely most obscenely ridiculous application that has ever been conceived by humankind. AND IT'S AWESOME. It's around the time you find yourself swinging around a piece of equipment worth a thousand dollars while blaring Duel of the Fates out of your desktop speakers that you realize you are kind of HOLY SHIT THE KEYBOARD LIGHTS UP TOO GODDAMN

And auugghhh I should post since I have no idea where my night went. AT LEAST I DID HOMEWORK. And some modstuff.

....I knew there was something I was missing. During the past few months, I have become a fucking beast at Elite Beat Agents and I am so addicted that I ordered myself some Ouendan 2. Of course, I'm nowhere in [ profile] wyna_hiros's league, who begged me to download Osu! and play with her and who promptly whooped my ass and made me cry like a little girl. (Cry for MOAR, that is. So fucking fun and I don't even know whyyyyyyyy. D:)

And one more thing. These videos? Should not be so hilarious.

oh god I need to sleep but I also need to do posts sfksdfkjsd I guess I'll sleep and... do posts when I wake up. Auuugghh. ;__; HOW DO I WASTE TIME SO SKILLFULLY (hint: see above)

mood: tired