Erin (La Cidiana)
08 January 2012 @ 03:41 am
I haven't posted for a while in this, and when I do, it seems to generally be fic or other fan contributions, but just in case that anyone still wants to follow me...

I have moved to hughes @ Dreamwidth!

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD ME ON DW! After getting amped up for Dreamwidth in the light of LJ's idiocy, I'm actually aiming to post a bit more to my journal, so, um... yes! It'll probably still be as incoherent as it was in the good ol' days, but there you go!

I'll also still be crossposting everything to Livejournal for the sake of ease -- fic and fan contributions included, so LJ users, never fear! You won't miss out on anything from my... all-important... self. Um.

On an added note, you can also find me on hughes @ tumblr 24/7, so feel free to add me there too if... you don't mind gratuitous postings of Dean/Cas Supernatural and Sam/Gene Life on Mars.

...Hughes is my new thang now. Idk. IS IT A DECENT HANDLE? At least now people won't confuse La Cidiana as Laci Diana, right dsgsalihdg
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