Erin (La Cidiana)
15 December 2008 @ 11:07 pm
It seems that both of my favorite characters have degenerated into one-dimensional shells of their former selves, sacrificed as plot devices for a murky story and a desperate theme that has been shoved so far down our collective throats that it's somewhere in my gut right now. And that's where it hurts when I see these fictional people I adore mangled for no good reason and in ways from which there is no recovery – deep in my gut.

I feel so incredibly stupid getting worked up over a show and becoming an unpleasantly angry person in the aftermath. I hate being that person on your flist who can't shut up about how much they dislike something even as they continue indulging in it, so I figure maybe I'll do what I should – quit watching for good this time. Maybe Bryan Fuller can save the show as a whole, but he sure as hell can't save Nathan and Sylar.

Vague spoilers for tonight's episode. )

But I guess, in Heroes-land, a multi-faceted character must be turned into an embodiment of their single most superficial and thus obvious characteristic in the interest of fitting as many comic book clichés as the writers can possibly come up with. Fuck. this. shit. But hey, maybe I'll come crawling back like I always do. Crawl back and come away crying. :(

In other news that should probably be more important, I am up at Lake Tahoe and looking forward to skiing. SNOW. This is such a novelty for me. :X
mood: indescribable