Erin (La Cidiana)
06 December 2007 @ 06:18 am
As Court explained in her most recent entry, a random coincidence thanks to Andrew inviting me to an event involving Patrick Stewart tomorrow (WHICH IS FUCKING BADASS IN AND OF ITSELF) has ended in me finding out about and Court getting us tickets to a whole Heroes thing next Saturday which will have ADRIAN PASDAR Zachary Quinto pretty much all the main character actors besides Hiro's and Claire's. IF I DIDN'T FEEL NEWBISH BEFORE HOLY SHIT DO I FEEL THE POSER RAINING DOWN ON ME NOW D:. But seriously, I saw the little "HEROES" banner on the side of the site layout along with... every actor's name ever, froze, showed Court, and she was all "DUDE I'M GONNA BE IN TOWN AT THAT POINT WE SHOULD GOGOGOGO" and I was like "HO SHIT OKAY" and... so we are. 8D I need to pay her back for my ticket, tho. <3

Fic and crossover co-writing rambling! No real spoilers. )

Anyway, I should sleep so I can get up at a not-so-ridiculous time and plan out going downtown and stuff with Andrew. FOR THE LOVE OF PICARD. Didn't work on djinnfic tonight (I've been trying to sit down for at least an hour and do what I can on it every night) but I shall tomorrow! (Also need to get back to vampire!Dean sometime. <3)

Overall, my general feeling is: GLEE. AMAZINGLY AWESOME THINGS ABOUND.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
09 October 2007 @ 10:01 pm


Also, kind of cool: They were filming Monk up in Westwood when I was on my way back to my car from my figure drawing class and I saw Tony Shalhoub with his female sidekick and stuff. Too bad I don't watch that show and TOO BAD IT WASN'T HOUSE. I think I had A DREAM once where I saw Hugh Laurie in real life HOW SAD IS THAT

EDIT: Also, [ profile] famira has me hooked on Supernatural. ;_; I'VE WATCHED LIKE SEVEN EPISODES ALREADY, SIX OF WHICH WE WATCHED TONIGHT. This would be awesome if every other episode didn't CREEP THE HELL OUT OF ME AND SCARE ME and make me want to avoid mirrors forever holy hell. I look forward to seeing the brotherly relationship deepen and make me WIBBLE, as I hear it will. :X

....COURT, DON'T KILL ME THAT I WATCHED IT BEFORE HEROES? ::HIDES.:: In my defense, I can watch Supernatural off a site whereas I'd have to download Heroes episodes, and... I'm running out of hard drive space. D: I need to get my DVD burner working.