Erin (La Cidiana)
13 September 2008 @ 12:43 pm

«The ‡RP Concrit‡ Meme»

I'M TRYING TO RESPOND TO OTHER PEOPLES' IN TURN. D: Seriously, I'd love some concrit to make sure I don't make (or continue to make) any dumb RP choices.... aside from my generally being too slow. Since I know that already. D8 I'LL RESPOND THIS TIME, I SWEAR. ;;

In other news, I had two dreams night before last and three dreams last night. Out of those five, four involved Heroes and three involved Nathan. MY BRAIN IS CLEARLY GETTING DESPERATE HERE especially since it was doing crossovers of like Disneyland and Heroes and MGS4 and Zelda and STAR FOX(??). It made Nathan the main star of my dream's version of the end of MGS4. Yeah, I dunno. GET OUT OF MY MIIIIIIIIIND, NATHAN HALP srsly. ;; I just have to keep focusing on how almost all my other shows are back this coming week YESSSS. House, Supernatural, Sunny... I WON'T GET HUNG UP ON YOU JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE PURPOSELY SPOILING THINGS TO GET ME EXCITED, HEROES. >:[

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