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27 May 2010 @ 09:07 am
(Video from Heroes, Audio from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.)
Original: Nightman - Sylar/Mohinder



In larger (read: [ profile] damned-related) news, HOLY SHIT SYLAR GOT M-U HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT did I mention this before WELL WHATEVER HE JUST GOT FUCKING SHAPESHIFTING OVER HERE AND HE'S ABOUT TO GET TORTURED AND ALSO WE GOT A CLAIRE AND IUYRKAJHLKAHFKJHKA OMGGGG this is of course on top of Heroes cancellation life is so good, guys. ;; ...Well actually, I was pretty sick yesterday but I'm feeling better now so. Yes. AAAAaaaaaaa. \o/

also I so might have to fill this prompt if no one else does because wow yes that arc and its potential still owns me sifhaksljhfakl
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13 January 2009 @ 03:27 am
Today was kind of hectic. I didn't sleep at all last night since I wanted to make sure I got traffic school done by my due date, so I basically went to my American Music quiz from home, left class, did errands... but while I was doing these things, apparently the pipe under our shower broke and when I came back I wasn't able to take a shower (I hadn't been able to take a shower in the morning because of the clog that spawned the breakage in the first place) so I was dirty all day and had to wash my hands with wet wipes and kshdkaj. D8 LUCKILY I basically slept for most of the time that my dad was fixing the pipe, so I didn't have to deal with it too much? 8D; Of course, now my sleeping schedule is totally off and I have to gradually reign it back in again. Which is why I will sleep after this post.

Anyway.... omg, reading all those Sam apps has gotten me on a total Supernatural kick, which is wonderful since I feel I've been neglecting due fangirling for that series this last half-year or so. I am TOTALLY hankering for some good fanfiction, and since I don't really know how to navigate around that nutso fandom and it's hard to find non-Wincest fic... Does anyone have any Supernatural genfic recs? I would be very appreciative to get pointed in the right direction since right now I've resorted to writing random stuff for myself skfkajfg Winchesters <333

I really do need to sleep now, so I will do that. Tomorrow: less Castlevania and more productivity. Holy shit those games are addictive. D: And HAHAHAAA I FINALLY BEAT THE DAMN CRAB. >:3
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10 May 2008 @ 07:22 am
Okay, this absolutely amazes me: Usually, when I read older stuff of mine, even if it's only a couple months old, I cringe and flail and gripe to myself about how bad it is, etc. etc. I know half of it is being your own worst critic, but yeah.

BUT THIS. THIS. I posted it up on 5/05/05, and when I wrote it, I loved it. When I proofread it, I loved it. It's been three years now, and every single fucking time I've reread it, I've still loved it. I keep on figuring a day will come when I'll reread it and cringe and get not-proud like with all of my other old stuff, but THAT DAY HAS NEVER COME. I think I can honestly say it's my favorite fanfic I've ever written. I mean, sure, it's got some old markers of juvenile-ness, like too much cussing and unncessary bolding, but overall... it still makes me LOL. In a good way. <3

I love it when I can let myself be proud of something. :D It's a wonderful feeling and I don't allow it as often as I should.

...And speaking of which, I have no idea what the fuck I'm going to do when MGS4 comes out. If I can't get my hands on a PS3, I might have to take desperate measures. Like hiding under a rock in a dark, dark cave and never making human contact EVER AGAIN.

IN OTHER NEWS. FEY, I AM POSTING FOR YOU RIGHT NOW. Would it be possible for us to have another back-and-forth RPing session one of the nights this weekend? Since I want Scar to do your Lust.......... justice. :] And you know how slow I am otherwise. D8

Um... only 9 e-mails left to send! \o/ And I should make my debut Dean post, woo~

EDIT: AHH, FEY, Safari ate my post. D8 um um um WE SHALL DO BACK-AND-FORTH THREADING SOON? To make up? ._. 'Cause I really need to sleep and kjsfd
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31 January 2008 @ 07:00 am
YESSSSSS. I am so proud.

Fanart: Nathan, Heroes )

Nathan Petrelli has taken over my liiiiiiiiiiife aughskda

I have been loving on my Photoshop and my tablet so hard lately, unf unf unf. I have my little keys on either side set up AWESOMELY, and I even have stuff set to go back and forward in my iTunes without having to pull my tablet up from the keyboard. 8D Ahahahaha. I love it so. <3333

Apparently, my mom loves my bumper sticker. DUBIOUS WIN? OH AND ALSO I FINISHED THE TRIGUN MAXIMUM MANGAAAAAA YAYAYAYAYAY though I kind of think the ending would have been megacooler if a couple key things had been different but OH WELL WON'T SPOIL.

Wolfwood and Legato were the king wibble-makers INDEED.
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24 January 2008 @ 02:56 pm
As some of you might already know, watching Top Gun and dementedly singing Danger Zone is a beloved pasttime among me, [ profile] evildrew, and [ profile] burningvigor. So, imagine my shock when I found out that Iceman (Val Kilmer) and Maverick (now batshit Tom Cruise) weren't the best things to oogle at in that movie.

Picspam: Adrian Pasdar in Top Gun )

And that's it! Woo. This is all made about x91283 better due to the fact that Nathan, of course, was canonly a Navy fighter pilot. Yes.

this is exactly why I didn't want to get into live-action series AUUGGHHH WHYYYY FILMOGRAPHIIIEESSS SUCKING UP MY LIIIIFE god I feel like a stalker

Also, sorry, f-list, for ttly spamming you with above-cut pictures as of late. :X I can't help myself.
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20 January 2008 @ 05:56 pm

(Spoilers up to Heroes 211. Audio from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. NSFW.)

High-quality version here. 10.75MB.
Original Sunny clip here.



This is what I do when I am out of town with crappy internet.
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15 January 2008 @ 05:04 am
FINE, FINE, I'll do it too. From everyone and their brother, but originally [ profile] burningvigor.

Name a fandom, and I'll talk pairings at you. My favorite, why, any weird ones I ship, and any unpopular opinions I have. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask too.

Oh, man, fandoms... uhm.

If you don't know the stuff I'm familiar with! )


Also, why all you fools need to watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. )

...I should read apps before I sleep. 8D;
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11 December 2007 @ 10:50 am
Oh my jesus I finally posted THE DJINNFIC.


...Unfortunately, it looks like someone on the Spn fic community happens to be currently posting a multichaptered version of a fic with a VERY SIMILAR PLOT ::CRIES.:: WHAT ARE THE CHANCES and I guess this means I need to hold off on posting it anywhere outside my personal journal, though that's kind of okay since what I've heard of the Supernatural fandom at large HAS MADE ME VERY, VERY SCARED TO GET INVOLVED. D:

Still, I am proud, even though all-nighting with Fam (UNTIL 11 AM) to proofread and edit it caused me to get like THREE OR FOUR HOURS OF SLEEP before getting ready to go to Jenny's birthday dinner. ::CRIES AGAIN:: (THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN, FAM.) I began tossing and turning and waking up while I was still dreaming and then my stomach started getting nauseous for some reason and DDDD: BUT YEAH. I AM PROUD OF MYSELF. SO PROUD.

Speaking of which, still need to get Jenny a BIRFDAY GIFT and do that coloring for her. <3 Now that I've gotten that project out of the way (before I tackle chapter 2) I can probably do that.

BUT ANYWAY. YEAH. FIRST PART OF MY BABY IS FINISHED, because seriously, this thing feels like my baby as it's the... only fic ever that I've gotten this far with on sheer will to get through the beginning alone and really feel I can continue going on with it. WOOO.

STILL THINK IT'S KINDA SAD THAT 11K IS SUCH A BIG DEAL TO ME. But it is. And I will allow myself to happy. <3

And... and... yeah. I need to get ready. And oh gods then afterwards I am going to come home and rendezvous with Court and then PASS OUT
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10 December 2007 @ 07:24 am
"Aw, c'mon!" Dean griped, throwing an arm up. "I was crazy back when we drove to Illinois, right? Key word being drove."

"No, Dean, key word being

Holy shit, passed the 10k mark on the djinnfic last night. HOLY SHIT. YES, AGAIN I REALIZE THAT NANO JUST HAPPENED but oh my god this is a big deal for me personally, especially considering I'm also drawing a ton too lately, and really practicing getting out of anime mode and into real-people mode, which I've been trying to do forever and finally have the chance to do now that I'm into live-action series.

In short: AHHH I'M ACTUALLY MAKING GOOD ON MY PERSONAL GOALS. And even though my attention is divided between this fic, another fic, a co-written fic, and fanart stuff, I am GETTING IT ALL DONE.


Why? Is it because I'm into new fandoms? Is it because my ADD meds are kicking in? WHATEVER IT IS, IT'S WORKING and I hope hope hope this wonderful productivity continues and carries on into other, more serious aspects of my life LIKE SCHOOL.

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08 December 2007 @ 05:41 am
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06 December 2007 @ 06:18 am
As Court explained in her most recent entry, a random coincidence thanks to Andrew inviting me to an event involving Patrick Stewart tomorrow (WHICH IS FUCKING BADASS IN AND OF ITSELF) has ended in me finding out about and Court getting us tickets to a whole Heroes thing next Saturday which will have ADRIAN PASDAR Zachary Quinto pretty much all the main character actors besides Hiro's and Claire's. IF I DIDN'T FEEL NEWBISH BEFORE HOLY SHIT DO I FEEL THE POSER RAINING DOWN ON ME NOW D:. But seriously, I saw the little "HEROES" banner on the side of the site layout along with... every actor's name ever, froze, showed Court, and she was all "DUDE I'M GONNA BE IN TOWN AT THAT POINT WE SHOULD GOGOGOGO" and I was like "HO SHIT OKAY" and... so we are. 8D I need to pay her back for my ticket, tho. <3

Fic and crossover co-writing rambling! No real spoilers. )

Anyway, I should sleep so I can get up at a not-so-ridiculous time and plan out going downtown and stuff with Andrew. FOR THE LOVE OF PICARD. Didn't work on djinnfic tonight (I've been trying to sit down for at least an hour and do what I can on it every night) but I shall tomorrow! (Also need to get back to vampire!Dean sometime. <3)

Overall, my general feeling is: GLEE. AMAZINGLY AWESOME THINGS ABOUND.
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05 December 2007 @ 01:16 am
So latelatelate last night (technically this morning) I realized HO SHIT I HAVE FIGURE DRAWING TOMORROW/TODAY. D: So I went to bed, got up after four/five hours of sleep annnnd then when I was about to leave I realized I had no cash/proper brand credit card for parking. So I called my mom to see where she keeps her cash stash except she didn't answer and failed to respond to the message I left for over two hours and kjsdfhsl so I missed the last session of my figure drawing class. D: PRETTY PATHETIC, HUH? I NEED TO GET OFF MY ASS and get A JOB (and get over my fear of phones so I can do that ughughugh ;__;) OH WELL.

I made about a bajillion new icons, and by "bajillion" I mean... 8. What can I say, last night's episode was bad ass and (highlight for spoilers) I needed to comfort myself after that ending oh jesus ;___; I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE MY HORRIBLE PARANOID WEEK-LONG PREDICTION WAS COMPLETELY RIGHT whyyyy

SPEAKING OF THE END OF HEROES Court and I are FINALLY beginning to brainstorm our Supernatural/Heroes epic crossover YAAAAAY. We realize pretty much everything we come up with is going to be contradicted by what actually happens when it comes back, but then again, WHO KNOWS WHEN IT'S GOING TO COME BACK, RIGHT? oh man oh man still so excited about being into new and shiny things EVEN IF I'M A NEWB <333

And speaking of NEWB, I should get back to working on the djinnfic. I am determined to be PRODUCTIVEPRODUCTIVE. I hope.

After-effects of last night's Heroes episode. SPOILERS. )

...COURT HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO GET ME SO INTO A SHOW IN SO LITTLE TIME FKJHAlskf... and I don't even feel the need to yell goddammit at you anymore. ....GODDAMMIT ;[
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03 December 2007 @ 06:46 pm
Ohmygod Heroes tonight. I can't remember the last time I was this nervous/anxious about an upcoming episode of something. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME I've only been into this show for like THREE WEEKS??? ::FEELS SO UNBEARABLY POSER::

In any case, once this episode has aired, Court and I can start brainstorming out that Spn/Heroes crossover. WOO~

ALSO, ONLY HAVE ABOUT A SCENE AND A QUARTER TO GO BEFORE I'M DONE WITH THE FIRST CHAPTER OF THE DJINNFIC. FUCK YES I FEEL SO FUCKING AWESOME. So little seems silly after everyone else completed NaNo but GODDAMMIT I haven't been this good about making progress on a fic in YEARS and and ajsdhfksa ::EXCITED:: ...Also, this would be about the first fanfiction I've ever written that I could show to my mom. AND I MIGHT, WHICH IS THE SCARIER PART OF ALL THIS, REALLY, and I need to show her how motivated I've been to write in general lately so she stops bugging me about the Sunday workshop.

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29 November 2007 @ 05:08 am
7000+ WORDS ON DJINNFIC AND 2000+ ON VAMPIRE!DEAN. WOOO. Granted that that's including extra brainstorming/cut out bits that I plan to include later, but since they will be incorporated in eventually, I COUNT THEM AS WORDS? In any case, I was right: It's nice to take a break on Vampire!Dean and go to DjinnFic and vice versa. 8D TWO PROJECTS ARE BETTER THAN ONE? KEEPS DEM CREATIVE JUICES FLOWIN'.


RP stuff and poll results! )

AND TODAY. Today. I went to SMC with my mom and we both bitched at the people in the admissions office about how their enrollment site totally screwed me over, so now what we have to do is pay the fee so I can sign up for my classes, then I have to contact the professors of the classes I was supposedly enrolled in and have them verify to the admissions office that I was never in those classes so I can get a reimbursement and have the classes struck from my record. HOPEFULLY, THEY WILL RESPOND TO THE E-MAILS I WRITE TOMORROW. And if not, I will e-mail again. >:[

Then we had yummy Gilbert's and had just enough cash to pay for all of it. 8D

The inside of my left ear is hurting randomly, wtf. ;; This does not bode well, as my right ear is the one that occasionally gets a weird and persistent high-pitched ring in it. WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF. At least I'm not as bad as Maxine, who plays her music on her headphones so loud that I can hear it from the other room at her house.

SPEAKING OF YOUNG PEOPLE DESTROYING THEIR EAR DRUMS. ...Man, this song is pornographic. But cool. <3 THANKS FOR THE MUSIK, [ profile] tinted_glass! And I need to send you the stuff too, [ profile] loreamara. 8D

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26 November 2007 @ 05:40 am
HELLO, NEW FANDOMSECRETS FRIENDS ♥ ♥ ♥ !!! Not one but TWO of you guys involved CRAZY coincidences, oh my god. And as both of you two are into Heroes, I THINK YOU'LL UNDERSTAND WHEN I SAY I HOPE THIS MEANS WE'RE ABOUT TO DEVELOP SUPERPOWERS OR SOMETHING. Since, you know, they go hand-in-hand with impossible coincidences. :X

(Also, I apologize in advance to you guys for caps and incessant babble. THEY ARE PART OF WHO I AM. And if you wonder who this "Court" is who I always talk about and yell "godammit" at, it's [ profile] burningvigor and I'm yelling "godammit" at her because she got me thoroughly fixated on Nathan Heroes, as much as I resisted through staunch denial. D:)

Umm, in regards to not fandomsecrets... been working on that vampire!Dean fic, though I skulked off to play Guitar Hero. I FEEL LIKE I'M GETTING BETTER AT HITTING THOSE CRAZYFAST NOTES. ...I mean, not the CRAZYcrazy fast notes, but uh... the ones between fast and crazyfast. D: I don't make any sense.

Also, I really, really need to get caught up on Dexter. Everyone's telling me that Doakes is amazing in that first of the three episodes I haven't seen and kadsjfhs need to catch up my mom with the show in general too.

Should get back to writing now, though. WOO. ...or sleeping.

Edit: Oh, also: TADAAAAH, cafepress test-drive bumper sticker. I AM VERY PROUD even if I stole the slogan from some other t-shirt that I think [ profile] geminion got but which doesn't exist anymore. ;[ I am so going to put it on my bumper once my car isn't so filthy.

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24 November 2007 @ 08:26 pm
Been hanging out with Court these past couple of days. <3 Last night, we stayed up looking for good Heroes and Supernatural fic, respectively, and actually SUCCEEDED. WOOO. I've also shown her It's Always Sunny and I am glad to report that she is thoroughly amused. <3 We've also been watching through a bunch of Heroes and Supernatural commentary (mostly Heroes since Supernatural doesn't have as much :( ) and my mom let slip that I've apparently been mentioning Heroes a lot to her. SIGH. GODDAMMIT, COURT, LAUGHING AT ME. ;[

Also, tried out cafepress by ordering a couple of custom bumper stickers and they came and they're BEAUTIFUL! WOO. And... started actually writing vampire!Dean.

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20 November 2007 @ 05:53 pm
Wooo EIGHT HOURS SITTING AROUND LATER and my jury duty is over. Basically just... sat around and was never called BUT IT'S OKAY. IT'S OVER.

Was gonna play Phoenix Wright (THE IRONY) but my DS batteries ran out pretty quick. D: And I was too braindead to write, so instead, I like... outlined the vampire!Dean fic I wanted to do which kinda DEGENERATED INTO TEN SOLID LITTLE-NOTEBOOK PAGES OF DAYDREAM RAMBLING I should write it already SORRY FAM D:

ANNNND yeah. I should nap. Or sleep early. Or SUMTHIN.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
20 November 2007 @ 05:11 am

So I have jury duty today at 7:45 AM downtown, so I decided I'd be up by 6 and be out the door by 6:30 to make sure I got downtown early enough to figure out what the hell I was doing. So I got to sleep around 11:30 PM last night.

...3:30 AM I wake up from HEROES DREAMS GODAMMIT COURT and I CANNOT FALL ASLEEP AGAIN. GRARRGGHH. Around 5 AM I gave up and now I'm just... doing stuff before I get ready. D:

In other news, I've gotten my MOM properly hooked on Supernatural. Since she got back from her trip, she's been all "HEY LET'S WATCH SUPERNATURAL" and "well, your little cousins are coming over, but that means WE CAN'T WATCH SUPERNATURAL" and SO ON AND SO FORTH. I'm really happy she's enthusiastic enough about it to make commentary like--"Sam and those headaches POOR THING" and "DEAN IS SO SWEET TO HIM" and "Sam is SMART."

I've got Maxine hooked too (EVEN THOUGH SHE'S MORE TERRIFIED OF IT EVEN THAN I AM). Hopefully we can get together soon and marathon through another chunk of s2. >:] EEE WINCHESTERS <333

Also, I still want to do an indulgent Dean!vampire fic even if Gordon stole my thunder the other day. D: MORE DETAILS, AT LEAST?
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Erin (La Cidiana)
15 November 2007 @ 02:49 am
RP and character dropping contemplation/ramble. )

In other news, yeah, Court got me into NATHAN Heroes bad, though I also blame that crossover dream and those other THREE NATHAN-RELATED DREAMS how embarrassing /)_(\ I had for getting me all STOKED FOR WRITING IT, whereas before I was a totally casual fan. BUT I AM STILL LOYAL TO WINCHESTERS for they are beautiful IN MANY WAYS annnnnnd right now I really need to work on my AU fic (6000+ WORDS, BITCHES) but I'm also so, so tempted to start working on an indulgent Vampire!Dean fic I wanna do, since I've been looking for fics of that persuasion and I'll I've found is over-the-top/unrealistic Wincest for it. D:

ANYWAY. Man. New fandoms, and WHY AM I ALL HOMING IN ON BROTHERLY BROTHERS ALL OF A SUDDEN? Usually I'm shipping the HELL out of series and right now I'm... NOT SHIPPING ANYTHING AT ALL? I'm kinda glad, though, since I already feel bad for leaving the fandom of my most cherished OTP of all the ages, and this way HUGHES AND ROY HAVE NO ROMANTIC COMPETITION IN MY HEART <3

Also, I feel kind of lame that I'm getting into these shows so late in the game, feel kind of POSER-ISH? I dunno. BUT I LOVE THEM, REALLY, I DO. Man, Supernatural my next fandom. TOTALLY DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. Also, I still need to make a big entry of my in-depth... er... SELF-REFLECTION of how I got into the two shows and what I love about them.

....I think way too hard about these things. ANYWAY. Uh. It's weird to be into a live-action series. WEIRD BUT COOL. (I feel all awkward looking at pictures of the actors out of character. I DUNNO.)
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Erin (La Cidiana)
11 November 2007 @ 02:21 am
My Firefox is being really weird--not loading random images and making pages weirdly formatted and stuff. DUNNO WHY, though I'm certainly saddened that with only 6 icons and two new fandoms in my life, I keep on having to delete older ones and rotating in progressively newer ones. ;_; I FEEL LIKE A TRAITOR.

In other news, I'm all caught up with Heroes and I've got Court caught up to the end of S2 of Supernatural. WOOO.


Shocking, I know, but don't worry; we're still managing to have matching layouts and we're currently co-planning a Heroes/Supernatural crossover of EPIC proportions to right this horrible imbalance in the universe. IN FACT, it's actually made us excited for the upcoming hiatus of both shows, since it'll give us a chance to take all the info we have and turn it into a decently meshed plot. SO EVERYONE WINS.

On the fourth case of PW3. Omg... young... EVERYONE! (ALSO, I HAD TO DELETE TOASTERFACE. ::CRIES::)

I believe that is all. I should sleep soon. D:
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