Erin (La Cidiana)
07 September 2009 @ 08:25 pm
OH GOD I AM SO INSANE. I mean not as insane as, say, Lina, but still. ANYHOO, it was really nice to get that done. Next? Timeline. Oh lawd. D8

Seriously, though, I've been having so much fucking fun with Sylar; I feel like I've gotten a new lease on his potential character development in the RP. <333 I'm kinda tempted to get him a paid account so I can actually get the tables to look right instead of being stuck with the sponsored layout CSS screwing it up. NGGHH.

ALSO, want to take a moment to pimp a friend's fic that I've been heavily involved with in plotting and editing:

UNCONDITIONAL by [ profile] loreamara.
Part I. Part II. Part III. Hughes/Roy. Animeverse.

An A/U in which Roy manages to get revenge on Hughes' killer, but at the price of his own life. When both of them are then ripped from the grave by the woman who orchestrated their deaths, they end up spending years lost within their own new skins before circumstances force them to find themselves and face the consequences.

Guys, I fangirl this thing so ridiculously hard that you wouldn't even believe it. D8 SO EPIC. If you're a Hughes/Roy fan, I recommend checking it out like burning. ♥ ♥ ♥
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Erin (La Cidiana)
27 July 2009 @ 08:09 am
Holy shit, I haven't updated my journal in like a month and a half, have I?

WELL, UM, ANYWAY. YES, went to Japan for two weeks. 8D It was fantastic. I BOUGHT NINE DOUJIN MOSTLY HUGHES/ROY HA HA HA HAAA FOR 25 BUCKS. THIS DOUJIN STORE'S FMA SECTION WAS SO HUGE IT TOOK BATHS AT SEA WORLD IT HAD SEPARATE LABELED SECTIONS FOR PAIRINGSkjhfkasdjhgkalsjs Yes, this was the highlight of my trip wow I am not a loser. But seriously, it was great and it made me realize I do like to travel... just not with my parents. I walked a hell of a lot and got in actually decent shape but um now I am out of it again. D: And going back to my usual poundage ugghhhh.

I SHOULD MAKE A JAPAN POST but I probably never will durrrrrrr me but yeah, spent a week in Tokyo, the rest of the time in Kyoto, and took a day trip to Hiroshima. Spent a night in a ryokan and went to an onsen, which was quite pleasant. And ummm SAW COURT. <3! WOOOO.

Of course, I came back almost immediately to APPS APPS APPS and then promptly became sick, so that stalled my jet lag recovery for a while. D8 Once I got out of it, I was determined to start exercising again, so I pulled out the ol' DDR dance pad and I've been trying to do that every day but have been failing these past couple days. OH AND WE RANDOMLY GOT AN XBOX 360, FUCKING FINALLY. I spent like seven hours yesterday playing Mass Effect asfjkhaksfja. My brother pitched in on it and my parents paid for the rest as an early birthday gift to me, since when my actual birthday rolls around, it'll be about a week and a half before my application to LMU is due.

Oh, yeah, I also did that – visited an LMU admissions counselor and gave her my transcript and AP scores and stuff and asked her the questions I had and so on and so forth. She said I was good and competitive so hopefully I have a shot of getting in. Woooooooo.

Anything else? Ummmm nah – Japan just makes me wish I did more physical things instead of sitting on my fat ass. :| I THINK I WILL TRY TO PLAY OBLIVION FROM THE TREADMILL TOMORROW. LOLSCREENADDICTION

Also, the reason I finally made an entry was because I remembered it'd been a hell of a long time since I'd taken the small pleasure of picking out a Nathan mood icon etwaeslfka. ILU SO MUCH FLYING MAN WHICH IS MAYBE WHY I STILL DREAD SEEING THE REST OF S3 OH FUCK ME. THE HORRIBLE SEASON WHICH, BY THE WAY, STALKED ME TO JAPAN; I GO TO MY HOTEL ROOM TO FIND A TELEVISION PROGRAM PAMPHLET WITH SEASON 3 HIRO ON THE FRONT AND MORE ADS O ON THE INSIDE SITTING ON MY PILLOW. /whinewhinewhine


the end

Also oh shit I need to throw Sybrows out into the ZOMBIE MADNESS, don't I? :X

.........also I need to make that Nathan layout I keep telling myself I'll do to match my moodtheme. 8D SOMEDAY WHEN I AM NOT DOING TONS OF OTHER THINGS.

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04 May 2009 @ 03:21 am
I... really should sleep, but I suddenly became curious about all these documents I'd opened and jotted down haphazard dream notes into that were scattered throughout my computer. I ended up collecting them all into one document and.... jesus christ MY SUBCONSCIOUS IS SO FUCKING FIXATED ON FANDOM AGKADKA

Some dreams not included here I actually did post about right as I had them, but anyway. Some of these I like... don't even remember skjhfkasd. All of these were written RIGHT as I woke up, which is why there's no punctuation or coherency to speak of.

Also, my subconscious gave me like ten million (no seriously, like, seven in one month) Nathan dreams back before I even declared him my favorite character in the show. Clearly, it knows me better than I do. :(


Dream Notes. )

I remember in that last dream, I kept on trying to CALL COURT AND TELL HER OMG OMG I MET MILOOOOOOO but I kept on getting DISTRACTED and then I woke up and was like OMG OMG I HAVE TO TELL HER I.... had a dream where I met Milo. God dammit.

...Also, now that I'm looking at these dreams, THERE IS A SERIOUS TREND OF DISNEY MOVIES IN THERE. What.

Anyway, where the hell did my weekend goooo? ;; I was supposed to get shit done and then all of a sudden... it was over. What the hell. I think I'm going to try to get out of the house to do my work next weekend; otherwise I just... lose track of time ugh.

Also, I just realized I'm out of my meds. T_T WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN ON SUNDAYS and leaves me med-less on Mondays, my busiest day ugh. Now I need to somehow... okay, good, they can refill it without any doctor shenanigans ahfkas PHEW BECAUSE THIS WEEK I NEED 'EM

Now I need to make sure I get up at 8 and I've already wasted half my night jhsfdka WHATEVER at least it'll cause me to fall asleep early tomorrow.

....I really hope I can get myself to do my Anthro reading in time for my final ugh. jfkfsasadg

and apps apps apps APPS ;_;

...Also, about a quarter of the time I try to type "heroes" into my icon finder, it comes out as "herpes." COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
18 April 2009 @ 03:23 am


Nearing the end of spring break, buuuuuuut I am ahead of Court in apps (even though I need to read way more and I'm also so so so behind on posts everywhere ahkajshfdkasjhfkajhsfka BUT) and I've been drawing more! 8D Some of this is thanks to the fact that I'm being SWIFTLY PULLED BACK INTO FMA FANGIRLING, and the fact that [ profile] loreamara finally posted the first chunk of her Hughes/Roy homunculus fic that I feel practically like a godmother to at this point is only helping me along into this, d'aaaawww MAI FMA BOYYYZ. <333

Of course, MY NATHAN HEROES LOVE CANNOT BE VANQUISHED YET, as proven by this new moodtheme that [ profile] laverinth oh-so-thoughtfullycruelly alerted me to. :( I COULD NOT RESIST.

Also, [ profile] loreamara set up a personal oekaki board for me, eeeeeeee. <3333 8DDD WILL HELP WITH RANDOM DOODLING. Also, got my passport stuff turned in annnnd I got like an hour of sleep last night and then napped. D8 I keep on wanting to do things and losing time and then realizing it's way too early in the morning when I can finally work on stuff with Court and jshfkajshfk T___T.... anyway, speaking of which, I should sleep now XD

Also, this FMA: Brotherhood opening is officially my fourth most-played song on iTunes. I have had the same iTunes library since around 2003. .......Man. :(
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Erin (La Cidiana)
09 April 2009 @ 06:55 am
[20:32] tringhamrussell: I think Ed should know . . . so that he can grow more and more bitter
[20:32] Scars of Ishbal: Yeah but then how is it he never kills Pride?
[20:32] tringhamrussell: but maybe somehow he was working under Pride . . hating him but needing him all the same
[20:33] tringhamrussell: maybe Pride was giving him something
[20:33] Scars of Ishbal: THAT ALL SOUNDS SO WRONG
[20:33] tringhamrussell: HAHAHAHA
[20:33] tringhamrussell: ERIN
[20:33] Scars of Ishbal: shdakjdhflksdjhglaksj


Midterm tomorrow. D: HOPING NOT TO DIE.

Also I keep on meaning to RP post and then just... lose track of time and fail and shfkasfjak at least I am reading apps. SLOWLY. Seriously why does time always slip aaaawaaaaaaaayyyyyyy ;_____; I feel like it's been especially bad lately wtf.

Edit: Oh, also.

ilu2, nathan ♥
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Erin (La Cidiana)
06 April 2009 @ 01:13 am
Oh.... oh, wow.

I.... was not expecting that first FMA Redux episode to be... so.... ummm.....

Spoilers for the first episode and for the FMA canons in general. )

As much as I complain about the absurd amount of things that are SERIOUSLY WRONG with the old anime, I actually prefer it to the manga for the headcanon potential it presents, so I was kind of wary of everyone jumping on the bandwagon of the new anime and rejecting the old, but... man. This shit looks good.

omg fma I still love you so much apparently akhksajdfhsakfjhaksfhkjskssdlajsofejdaslsdiuaywerajsl GOING TO PUT THIS OPENING SONG ON REPEAT NOW...

K now it's time to start that six-page story that is due tomorrow ahahahahaa...
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Erin (La Cidiana)
22 June 2008 @ 07:38 am
NO, STOPPIT, BRAIN, I DON'T WANT TO GET BACK INTO MGS IT'S BEEN OVER THREE YEARS I DON'T KAJSHdlskjhfdkgkfs oh god yes I do. D: Andrew finished MGS4, btw, and will write a incoherent ramblepost about the whole experience when I don't have shifts to change and sleep to have.

In less more important news, I've started my Comm 1 class and I GOT A'S IN ALL OF MY CLASSES LAST SEMESTER WOOOOO. 8DDDD Guess my Linguistic Anthropology professor liked my paper after all!

SPEAKING OF WHICH, since I know some of you were interested in reading it: HERE is the Internet Communities & Net Slang paper that I did (.doc format). Um... tell me if it sucked or not? 8D;

Also, I rediscovered this fan mp3 the other week when it came up on shuffle.

Strike911 - Liquid Snake Interviews Psycho Mantis (direct link)


And now I must shiftchange.


Edit: OH ALSO THESE WORDLES THINGS ARE AMAZING (idea stolen from [ profile] zalia):

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Erin (La Cidiana)
10 May 2008 @ 07:22 am
Okay, this absolutely amazes me: Usually, when I read older stuff of mine, even if it's only a couple months old, I cringe and flail and gripe to myself about how bad it is, etc. etc. I know half of it is being your own worst critic, but yeah.

BUT THIS. THIS. I posted it up on 5/05/05, and when I wrote it, I loved it. When I proofread it, I loved it. It's been three years now, and every single fucking time I've reread it, I've still loved it. I keep on figuring a day will come when I'll reread it and cringe and get not-proud like with all of my other old stuff, but THAT DAY HAS NEVER COME. I think I can honestly say it's my favorite fanfic I've ever written. I mean, sure, it's got some old markers of juvenile-ness, like too much cussing and unncessary bolding, but overall... it still makes me LOL. In a good way. <3

I love it when I can let myself be proud of something. :D It's a wonderful feeling and I don't allow it as often as I should.

...And speaking of which, I have no idea what the fuck I'm going to do when MGS4 comes out. If I can't get my hands on a PS3, I might have to take desperate measures. Like hiding under a rock in a dark, dark cave and never making human contact EVER AGAIN.

IN OTHER NEWS. FEY, I AM POSTING FOR YOU RIGHT NOW. Would it be possible for us to have another back-and-forth RPing session one of the nights this weekend? Since I want Scar to do your Lust.......... justice. :] And you know how slow I am otherwise. D8

Um... only 9 e-mails left to send! \o/ And I should make my debut Dean post, woo~

EDIT: AHH, FEY, Safari ate my post. D8 um um um WE SHALL DO BACK-AND-FORTH THREADING SOON? To make up? ._. 'Cause I really need to sleep and kjsfd
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Erin (La Cidiana)
05 December 2007 @ 01:16 am
So latelatelate last night (technically this morning) I realized HO SHIT I HAVE FIGURE DRAWING TOMORROW/TODAY. D: So I went to bed, got up after four/five hours of sleep annnnd then when I was about to leave I realized I had no cash/proper brand credit card for parking. So I called my mom to see where she keeps her cash stash except she didn't answer and failed to respond to the message I left for over two hours and kjsdfhsl so I missed the last session of my figure drawing class. D: PRETTY PATHETIC, HUH? I NEED TO GET OFF MY ASS and get A JOB (and get over my fear of phones so I can do that ughughugh ;__;) OH WELL.

I made about a bajillion new icons, and by "bajillion" I mean... 8. What can I say, last night's episode was bad ass and (highlight for spoilers) I needed to comfort myself after that ending oh jesus ;___; I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE MY HORRIBLE PARANOID WEEK-LONG PREDICTION WAS COMPLETELY RIGHT whyyyy

SPEAKING OF THE END OF HEROES Court and I are FINALLY beginning to brainstorm our Supernatural/Heroes epic crossover YAAAAAY. We realize pretty much everything we come up with is going to be contradicted by what actually happens when it comes back, but then again, WHO KNOWS WHEN IT'S GOING TO COME BACK, RIGHT? oh man oh man still so excited about being into new and shiny things EVEN IF I'M A NEWB <333

And speaking of NEWB, I should get back to working on the djinnfic. I am determined to be PRODUCTIVEPRODUCTIVE. I hope.

After-effects of last night's Heroes episode. SPOILERS. )

...COURT HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO GET ME SO INTO A SHOW IN SO LITTLE TIME FKJHAlskf... and I don't even feel the need to yell goddammit at you anymore. ....GODDAMMIT ;[
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Erin (La Cidiana)
28 November 2007 @ 03:59 am
Went to my appointment with the Learning Disabilities college counselor today and got the ball rolling for going to SMC, yaaay. Because of some fuckup from a couple of semesters ago, though, they're telling me I owe them 134 bucks for classes I didn't take because back then it told me I'd lost my spot and couldn't take them because I hadn't paid for them. (WTF I KNOW)

Anyway, I can't enroll in any new classes until that's taken care of, so my mom and I are gonna go tomorrow to clear that up and also make sure those classes don't show up as F's on my transcript or anything. But yeah--I know what I need to do, so I'll be enrolling for the spring and I'm planning on taking a time-management/organizational skills workshop along with those classes so I don't fall flat on my face like I always do. DX

Also, I had the most simultaneously exciting and EMBARRASSING Heroes dream last night. In fact, it was so exciting that it PHYSICALLY WOKE ME UP an hour before I needed to and I couldn't fall back asleep. D: WHICH MAKES IT EVEN MORE EMBARRASSING THAN IT WAS ALREADY


ALSO, the time has come for the ultimatum. It's been a month and I need to decide already and get my ass in RP gear.

[Poll #1096542]


Yes, you heard me.

The upsides and downsides of that proposal and my general rationale. )


Edit: Oh, yeah, and I'm keeping Cid no matter what. <3
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Erin (La Cidiana)
15 November 2007 @ 02:49 am
RP and character dropping contemplation/ramble. )

In other news, yeah, Court got me into NATHAN Heroes bad, though I also blame that crossover dream and those other THREE NATHAN-RELATED DREAMS how embarrassing /)_(\ I had for getting me all STOKED FOR WRITING IT, whereas before I was a totally casual fan. BUT I AM STILL LOYAL TO WINCHESTERS for they are beautiful IN MANY WAYS annnnnnd right now I really need to work on my AU fic (6000+ WORDS, BITCHES) but I'm also so, so tempted to start working on an indulgent Vampire!Dean fic I wanna do, since I've been looking for fics of that persuasion and I'll I've found is over-the-top/unrealistic Wincest for it. D:

ANYWAY. Man. New fandoms, and WHY AM I ALL HOMING IN ON BROTHERLY BROTHERS ALL OF A SUDDEN? Usually I'm shipping the HELL out of series and right now I'm... NOT SHIPPING ANYTHING AT ALL? I'm kinda glad, though, since I already feel bad for leaving the fandom of my most cherished OTP of all the ages, and this way HUGHES AND ROY HAVE NO ROMANTIC COMPETITION IN MY HEART <3

Also, I feel kind of lame that I'm getting into these shows so late in the game, feel kind of POSER-ISH? I dunno. BUT I LOVE THEM, REALLY, I DO. Man, Supernatural my next fandom. TOTALLY DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. Also, I still need to make a big entry of my in-depth... er... SELF-REFLECTION of how I got into the two shows and what I love about them.

....I think way too hard about these things. ANYWAY. Uh. It's weird to be into a live-action series. WEIRD BUT COOL. (I feel all awkward looking at pictures of the actors out of character. I DUNNO.)
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Erin (La Cidiana)
25 September 2007 @ 05:51 pm
Man, haven't updated in a while, huh? Well, HERE WE GO.

I had some pretty EPIC fandom dreams last month or so, including:


ALSO. THIS GUY NEEDS A NAME. I have a plot, background, personality and everything figured out for him, but NO NAME. I've been debating between like... Alec, Matt, and Marc, and someone said maybe Jacob, but I'd be open to any other suggestions. He's a good-natured detective with a wife back home trying to quit smoking and on this uh... heavily-shrouded case thing. In a post-apocalyptic underground world. He also of course has a sekrit tragic past, but that would be a SPOILER. (Ohgoditallsoundsocliche) PLZ TO BE HELPING ME, I DREW THIS DOODLE ESPECIALLY FOR YOU, F-LIST and I need help since I'm going to be trying out NaNo this year and this guy is a main character in the original story I wanna work on. 8D;



Oh, and also, I've been doing figure drawing on Sunday and we've read pretty much ALL THE APPS WOOO just need to send out the last e-mails now.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
22 August 2007 @ 06:37 am

when this comes out of me when I try to shift-change

I know I've stayed up too long

Also, turns out when you downgrade to a basic account, you DON'T keep your loyalty userpics. I guess loyalty in the past means nothing in the present. T_T; SO ONLY 6 ICONS FOR ME. WOE. I honestly don't think I'll be able to stand this, sad woman I am, jdkhks PLEASE DON'T SCREW UP AGAIN LJ K THX

ALSO almost done with Twilight Princess, but not quite, and CRAZY COOL SHIT GOIN' DOWN IN FMA MANGA

THESE OMAKE IMAGES WILL SPEAK FOR ME. Read right-to-left. Spoilers for Hagaren manga 74. )

...I have none of my bajillion Kimbley icons left.

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Erin (La Cidiana)
08 August 2007 @ 01:49 am
Yanked from [ profile] murasakiiro.

When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

The old, the new, and the ugly. )


Annnnd that's about it for now even though I want to post more, because I need to get those excerpts out of my LJ-entry box and move on to semi-important matters. So!

In the same vein as [ profile] burningvigor's recent post, I have made a GreatestJournal (lacidiana, as usual), to keep track of friends and fandom that might move there. ADD ME PLZ. :D I don't plan on moving, but the fact that I back-posted everything from my LJ to my GJ and will from now on mirror my posts to both of them tells you just how peeved the current events have me.

From what I've read, I feel that though the porn-banhammer is a real pisser and that the "artistic-merit" standard is completely subjective and thus completely stupid, what bothers me the most is that they freely used said hammer when the ToS in regards to fanart was still very, very murky, and though they're publicly asking for tips on how to communicate better, their most recent post seemed more staunchly believing that they have done nothing wrong and unapologetic than anything else. (Not going to talk about child pornography stuff here since that's an understandably touchy subject and it seems like that wasn't even the issue in the first place; the porn factor was.) What further bothers me is that in that most recent and most infamous post in [ profile] lj_biz, the little disclaimer about written works seems to have the same murkiness as the fanart guidelines from last "Strikethrough."

"Written material -- fictional or not –- is also subject to Federal laws. But as we stated in a previous post, over the years we've looked at thousands of reported journals and communities and we rarely have come across a case of creative fiction or fanfic text that warrants review." Looked at critically, half of that statement is an empty recollection to what has happened in the past, not what will happen in the future or what the standards of "warranting review" actually are in regards to written works. Granted, fanfiction is far safer than fanart for the fact that it's easy to glance over a picture and make a quick--if arguable--judgment, while stamping a fanfiction as BAN'D would mean some poor sod on the LJ Abuse team might have to drudge through pages of sap to find flowery euphemisms of "member" and "manhood."

I'll stop now, since there have been plenty of rants on the subject, but my bottom line is this: LJ hasn't yet driven me out, but I--a member of five years, most of the time of which has been paid--will not be renewing my paid account when it runs out in 10 days, and I'll be downgrading to a basic account rather than a supported one when that time does come. I'll be keeping my character journals as supported, but since I block all the ads as is, I don't feel so bad about it. ;)

Still, going to make this one a basic. It's the principle of the matter! The only real issues I see are the lack of poll-making and the lack of userpics, but I can do polls at [ profile] damned_lounge with my character journals anyway, and with my loyalty userpics (hurrhurr), I'll have 20 in total.

...Going down to 20 after having 100+ for more months than I can count. God help my spoiled ass. T_T

And speaking of polls, here's one last one before my time expires! Not LJ-cut because I really want to know this stuff so I can keep track of all of you. D:

[Poll #1035509]

You know, last time, during the big "Strikethrough," I felt everyone was overreacting and it was one of those one-time things where every internet company has a big screw-up that they immediately apologize over and never repeat again. Whatever, fandom, you guys are crazy.

This time, though... yeah. D:

ETA: Because some of you probably still might not know what's going on, especially if you aren't heavily involved in fandom, here's what's happened to start all this:

The wank, the porn, and the LJ Abuse. )
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Erin (La Cidiana)
14 July 2007 @ 03:08 am
8D I actually did something I kinda like tonight. (Possible FMA spoilers under the cut?)

Smiley Hughesmunculus )
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Erin (La Cidiana)
23 June 2007 @ 03:06 am

Also, September needs to roll around. WHY? ......I THINK YOU KNOW WHY.

Even if that's when school starts for everyone... D:

I think this is the first time I've made/had an icon of someone I know LITTLE-TO-NOTHING ABOUT and I usually criticize people for doing stuff like that sjhdgaklsdjfhlskj GODOT KJSHFALJ:OAISHAKJD I WANT TO SPOIL MYSELF BUT I WILL NOT. I CANNOT
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Erin (La Cidiana)
17 May 2007 @ 04:57 am
Right after I asked for all those drabble prompts, I found something I wrote a while back that I actually kinda like. 8D SO. HERE IT IS. (First time posting fanfic/drabbling to my personal journal! WOO. IT ALSO HAPPENS TO BE PORN.)

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Hughesmunculus/Roy
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 249

Red-lined hands are rough against the colonel's thighs... )
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Erin (La Cidiana)
09 February 2007 @ 12:09 am
OKAY. Thanks for voting in that poll I put up, guys, I really appreciate it. <3 As it turns out, it looks like I'll go with the results and start using my personal journal as a writing/art/icons/graphics journal as well. :3 I'll try my best to keep everything under cuts, and comments/suggestions/constructive criticism are always appreciated. Just don't be too hard on me. XD; <3

Anyway, I guess this is kind of a cop-out since I already put these up to my now-somewhat-retired art journal, buttt... now I added commentary? XD; In any case, these are scans from my '05-'06 sketchbook, which chronicles about the time I started reeeeealllllly getting into FMA. XD; So expect spoilers and rambling. And not-so-great year-old art. XD;;;

Um. Not sure how I'm going to organize these from now on, but... yeah. XD;

Sketchbook '05-'06 )

UM. THAT WOULD BE ALL FOR PICSHURS. (AND LOOK, MA: TAGS.) Now I need to figure out why my Flock's been laggy. DX;


FIFTY-SIX APPS FOR [ profile] landels_damned. HOLY SHIT. O_O And it's not even over. 8D;;; On one hand, it's awesome to get so many interested RPers, but on the other... well, let's just say I'm happy Court had us start going over them ahead of time. XD; I really hope we're able to handle all the new faces and continue to keep it active and fun. <3 ILU GUYS.
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