Erin (La Cidiana)
Tonight, I think I have determined that, minus S3 bullshittery, Nathan Petrelli is my favorite character of all time.

This is a Big Deal in my trivial fandom life. Anyone who knows me will tell you that while my fandom trends go in and out, once I declare an all-time favorite, it stays that way pretty much forever despite what I might be currently fangirling about. Granted, I claimed Cid and Brock as my all-time favorites back in the day, but I was super-young and impulsive and hadn't been exposed to too much. I STILL LOVE YOU TO DEATH, CID, DON'T TAKE ME WRONG.

FANGIRLING!!!!!! Spoilers for S1/S2/not S3 since S3 doesn't exist what. )

And then on top of all of this he can motherfucking fly. HOW AWESOME OF A CHARACTER IS THIS, GUYS?!? HOW AWESOME IS HE SERIOUSLY SDJHAKDJHAKJDHLKAJHDALDPOIEPRWHA:DLKNA because of course being a pilot or being able to fly or being associated with flight/skies/wings in any way is somehow a big character turn-on for me wtffffff, self. SO YEAH

Anyway, this was all spawned by looking for icons of a show that I can't even bring myself to watch anymore. What the hell, self. What the hell. I have turned fierce and self-righteous denial into an art. ...kind of like Nathan, LULZ

Now after that exceedingly important public service announcement that everyone needs to read, gonna sleep k bye.

Well, also, I want to get working on some old Supernatural fic now since OH GOD THAT EPISODE THIS WEEK? AMAZING. ...Also how appropriate is this song for this entry rite wtf hsfkaashahaha I ADORE BSB SHUT UP
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