Erin (La Cidiana)
02 August 2008 @ 05:23 am
Okay, this is mainly just an excuse to use this new icon. UM.

The Mustang's brakes got fixed (sorta; they still squeak like hell) so I've been driving it lately. \o/ FUN. Today, me, Court, Andrew, and Jenny all went to Bay Cities, got food, and then came back here and hung out. And played board games. And we had an awesome time. Driving in a convertible on the freeway with your best buds on a nice day... one of moments in life when you're like "man, this is perfect."

Parents are out of town and so's my brother, so... I got the house to myself! I've been letting it become a mess more just because than out of laziness, and I cleaned up some of it with Jenny today. Need to get up early tomorrow to water all of Mom's plants and then... go back to sleep. Or maybe stay up until the sun rises and water them. And then sleep.

Watched some Batman: TAS tonight and then finished rewatching Batman Begins and taking notes. Also am practicing writing Bruce in a one-on-one RP with Court. Gonna be bringing Liquid back into Conscripted tomorrow, and hopefully bringing Sylar into dayshift at Damned. Annnnnd stuff.

...Also, I have never in all my years figured out a proper way to list video game remixes in the damn current music field. D:
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Erin (La Cidiana)
24 July 2008 @ 05:50 pm
I had a Dark Knight dream last night (I've been having Batman dreams in general, but this one I can actually remember a little beyond the theme) and I'm pretty sure some part of it involved me being the Joker. THIS IS.... VERY DISTURBING FOR A WIDE VARIETY OF REASONS. D: D: D: (I'm pretty sure I was scheming on how to get Sal Maroni's men to trust me enough so they would turn their backs and I could kill them. WTF.)

In other news.... okay, that's a lie since nearly everything in my life is Batman related right now as I've become fucking obsessed in a fairly short amount of time...

Turned out IMAX was sold out for today, but we're still gonna go see TDK again for free at Jenny's theatre. 8D ahhakjadsfoah Also, I went through my Batman: TAS DVDs and ripped all the best Two-Face episodes to share with the world.

Rambling about TAS Batman & Two-Face. )

Speaking of which, [ profile] scans_daily makes me realize why I never really warmed up to the Batman/Robin pairing beyond gay jokes and laughs. Apparently, I was waiting for something much better.

Also, while before TDK, I found it impossible to choose my favorite Batman villain between the Joker and Two-Face, I can't deny that it's Two-Face at this point. Shouldn't have been able to deny it when I FLIPPED OUT at finding out Harvey Dent became Two-Face in the movie through that damn trailer, but you know, I'm overly cautious at declaring things like that. >_>;

Rambling about Two-Face and the Joker. Some TDK spoilers. )

Rambling about viral game info in regards to Harvey. )

...I'm prolly gonna ramble about apping Bruce and his possible in-game interaction (if I get in, since I expect to inevitably have competition) with his canonmates, quasi-canonmates and ttly new people next entry. SOMEONE HELP ME NO WAIT DON'T HELP ME SINCE I'M ENJOYING THIS ALL WAY TOO MUCH

First, though, need to read apps, plan out threads for Liquid, and post as Sylar. DON'T GET AMBITIOUS, ERIN.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
03 July 2008 @ 04:50 am
As you guys might've already heard from [ profile] burningvigor, she and I have found a new RP we're super-excited about. Seriously, we applied as characters within the same day we heard of it, so impressed we were by the organization and the set-up/setting itself. The name is [ profile] conscripted; it's a war environment with mod-assigned ranks and positions, along with three separate, warring factions, so it's pretty perfect for Metal Gear Solid characters. Court apped Snake and I apped Liquid; I'm totally excited since this is the first time I've been able to play him at a multifandom RP due to his uh... self-obsessed nature and being physically unable to NOT BE IN CHARGE OF SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT. (Hence why I can't have him at [ profile] damned. D8)

Anyway, um, pimping the game. 8D


There's a Raiden too, and WE WANT MORE MGS CHARACTERS. Please? 8D The game hasn't started yet, so I can't really say how the playing will end up being, but me and Court have already had questions we needed to bring to the mods and they were extremely understanding and accommodating about it. <3

Anyway, the RP got changed so that it opens for posting right as [ profile] damned apps open. D: BAD FOR MY HEALTH, though of course apps take higher priority. And speaking of [ profile] damned apps opening, I'm still crossing my fingers for Heroes people. <3333 I've been having a blast with Sylar (ALTHOUGH HE TOTALLY SCREWED HIMSELF OVER HERE AAAAHAHAHAHA) and he hasn't even encountered more than one canonmate in person yet. >D

ALL OF THIS. TOO MUCH FUN. also need to post for my and Court's RP and also watch those BATMAN ANIME SHORTS skfjhaksld
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