Erin (La Cidiana)
08 January 2012 @ 03:41 am
I haven't posted for a while in this, and when I do, it seems to generally be fic or other fan contributions, but just in case that anyone still wants to follow me...

I have moved to hughes @ Dreamwidth!

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD ME ON DW! After getting amped up for Dreamwidth in the light of LJ's idiocy, I'm actually aiming to post a bit more to my journal, so, um... yes! It'll probably still be as incoherent as it was in the good ol' days, but there you go!

I'll also still be crossposting everything to Livejournal for the sake of ease -- fic and fan contributions included, so LJ users, never fear! You won't miss out on anything from my... all-important... self. Um.

On an added note, you can also find me on hughes @ tumblr 24/7, so feel free to add me there too if... you don't mind gratuitous postings of Dean/Cas Supernatural and Sam/Gene Life on Mars.

...Hughes is my new thang now. Idk. IS IT A DECENT HANDLE? At least now people won't confuse La Cidiana as Laci Diana, right dsgsalihdg
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Erin (La Cidiana)
13 August 2011 @ 04:03 pm





HELLO, ALL! God, it's been nearly half a year since I've posted, hasn't it? Partly because I have been LEGITIMATELY BUSY WITH... LIFE THINGS (school, writing, full-time internship, south america vacation, comic con, concert, what have you), and partly because I have been illegitimately busy with... fandom things.

Bottom line, these are my fandoms rn:

- Life on Mars
- Doctor Who
- Top Gear
- Life on Mars
- Life on Mars

FFFFFFFUCK YOU BBC I held out so long on anglophiling, man. So bloody long. And yes, Top Gear is a fandom. Don't. even. talk. to me okay this is my life now.

But yeah. Life on Mars. MAN I REMEMBER when people on my f-list were ranting about it when it first came out, you know, FIVE YEARS AGO, and I was like WHAT IS THIS WEIRD THING WITH THAT SQUISHY-FACED MASTER GUY AND AN OLD CAR LOL IT LOOKS DUMB

and now

now sam tyler is my puppycakes and I want to cuddle him to sleep every night

uhhh MAN MY INCOHERENCY HASN'T GOTTEN MUCH BETTER, HAS IT? Anyhoo, I've been sadly behind on RP things, but I've been good about writing! I'm uh kind of completely obsessed with the whole Sam!Master concept right now so I have about. 8300 words of that. so far. and lots of pages of planning sfjkhaksfhja it is my baby project right now. IT IS THE SEXIEST IDEA EVER OK and although there are about a million fics written for it, I've only found one that fully Meets My Needs. So. Clearly, I must take matters into my own hands. :|a

AND ALSO YES. Internship. Suffice to say that between the last entry and now, I interned for several months at a comic book company and for this summer, I've interned at a cable television network and edited web clips for them WHICH HAS ALL BEEN VERY AMAZING AND EXCITING and maybe I'll go into more detail in an f-locked post. 8D

Man. LJ-posting. This is making me horribly nostalgic and weepy and NO MORE PAID ACCOUNT LOOK AT MY SAD SIX LITTLE ICONS.

Oh right and Dean/Castiel. Supernatural is the kingpin of fandoms that stick in your brain and I am so bad for Dean/Cas right now and forever skjfhajksfa. SCREAM I SAW THEM AT COMIC CON. I SAW THEM I SAW THEM I PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT JENSEN ACKLES WAS A MYTHICAL UNICORN OF BEAUTY BUT HE ACTUALLY EXISTS THIS IS AMAZING TO ME

....and OH GOD NATHAN MOOD ICON. NATHAN. I STILL LU. SOBBBBB heroes is still a gaping wound only bandaged by new beautiful wonderfulness.

I sound drugged up BYE GUYS
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Erin (La Cidiana)
16 April 2010 @ 04:07 pm

Anyway, I meant to get up early today but I think I literally turned my alarm off because my brain couldn't compute that yeah, I did need to get up early today. At least that's better than not having remembered turning off my alarm at all, which has happened to me before. 8( Oh well; my registration date's on Monday, so if I go in early then, I should be okay?

Also should register with the Disabilities Office, see if I can get priority registration in the future or anything else. >>

IN OTHER NEWS Thursday is Show Day, which means Supernatural vague spoilers ) and Fringe vague spoilers ) also I (not seriously) considered how apping Fringe!Peter would make there be THREE LANDEL'S PETERS LOL and more seriously considered apping Walter as a doctor, since come on, that'd be fantastic. TOO BAD I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH. T_T

Also, holy shit do I need to catch up with House I HAVE NOT SEEN ANY NEW EPISODES SINCE THE MENTAL HOSPITAL ONE OR MAYBE THE ONE AFTER. YEAH. SHIT. I keep on shielding my eyes/muting whenever the commericals come on during my Fringe DVR. T___T I'm actually pretty damn unspoiled so LET'S KEEP IT THAT WAY until Court comes home and we can marathon like it's 2005~

Annnnd I've been fairly good with posting lately! Which means I'm about to go sylarpost. AND THEN READ APPLICATIONS. And then... maybe I should head over to school and edit, although... goddammit I need to find my hard drive's power cord ;; KIND OF IMPORTANT.

But yes. YAY, LJ POST~ Oh and. My new headphones. They are beautiful. 8D ALSO FINALLY HAVE CASTIEL ICONS WOOOO

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Erin (La Cidiana)
20 November 2009 @ 12:07 am

Response! )

I THINK THAT IS IT? Also Sunny. Oh my god. D.E.N.N.I.S. Hilarious. I NEED TO BUY THAT CHRISTMAS SPECIAL ;_____;

Also I found a giant terrifying spider in my new place when I got home from my parents' AND HAD A HEART ATTACK TRYING TO CAPTURE IT AND TAKE IT OUTSIDE. /can't ever kill spiders ::VASH???::

OH YEAH SPEAKING OF WHICH I indeed moved out of my parents'. Into a place owned by.... my parents. BUT STILL? I am here and by myself wooooooo. |D

...............................................OH MY GOD I WROTE AN ENTIRE ENTRY WITHOUT HEROES TALK HOORAY ......wait shit
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Erin (La Cidiana)
02 November 2009 @ 04:59 pm
Went up to San Francisco this weekend with Andrew and Court! We went to Yaoicon (something we've wanted to do for what? six years now?) and hung out with Sabrina and had a blast. :D Also met up with [ profile] loreamara, [ profile] zalia, and [ profile] wyna_hiros. Despite our TERRIBLE LUCK with food service, it was totally awesome. |D


Possible major spoilers for upcoming Heroes episodes. )

...Speaking of Jesus, I'm totally gonna cosplay Castiel. Court will be my Dean. Feeling out of place at Yaoicon totally gave us THE FEVER. ;;

And now apps. Lots. And lots. Of apps.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
28 September 2009 @ 05:36 am
I CHANGED MY LAYOUT. Well, not really – just the header and the colors. And the original layout isn't even my making so. Um. Yeah. I'm lazy.

But it does have Nathan on it, so. That's cool. :)

SPEAKING OF NATHAN OGOD HEROES TOMORROW. sldhaksjfasfasf Although some vague spoiler synopsis sentence has killed much of my expectation for What I Want More Than the Second Coming of Christ, I WILL STILL HOPE. BECAUSE I AM A MASOCHIST APPARENTLY AND THIS SHOW CONTINUES TO BE MY READILY ABUSIVE BOYFRIEND.

but no seriously i can't physically stop hoping for this ;; fuckfuckfuck

BUT EITHER WAY I am excited despite all reason and the fact that the rest of me is full of anxiety. D8 Baw, self. Baw.

In other news, holy shit I need to get letters of rec and the rest of my LMU application together and study/read for a Latin America History quiz on Tuesday auuuuggghh faaaaaaaaack.

...oh jesus I am so gay for it kfjhkforiuoaska
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Erin (La Cidiana)
24 September 2009 @ 05:54 pm
Spoiler image for Supernatural 5x04.

I think I've officially peed myself.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
27 July 2009 @ 08:09 am
Holy shit, I haven't updated my journal in like a month and a half, have I?

WELL, UM, ANYWAY. YES, went to Japan for two weeks. 8D It was fantastic. I BOUGHT NINE DOUJIN MOSTLY HUGHES/ROY HA HA HA HAAA FOR 25 BUCKS. THIS DOUJIN STORE'S FMA SECTION WAS SO HUGE IT TOOK BATHS AT SEA WORLD IT HAD SEPARATE LABELED SECTIONS FOR PAIRINGSkjhfkasdjhgkalsjs Yes, this was the highlight of my trip wow I am not a loser. But seriously, it was great and it made me realize I do like to travel... just not with my parents. I walked a hell of a lot and got in actually decent shape but um now I am out of it again. D: And going back to my usual poundage ugghhhh.

I SHOULD MAKE A JAPAN POST but I probably never will durrrrrrr me but yeah, spent a week in Tokyo, the rest of the time in Kyoto, and took a day trip to Hiroshima. Spent a night in a ryokan and went to an onsen, which was quite pleasant. And ummm SAW COURT. <3! WOOOO.

Of course, I came back almost immediately to APPS APPS APPS and then promptly became sick, so that stalled my jet lag recovery for a while. D8 Once I got out of it, I was determined to start exercising again, so I pulled out the ol' DDR dance pad and I've been trying to do that every day but have been failing these past couple days. OH AND WE RANDOMLY GOT AN XBOX 360, FUCKING FINALLY. I spent like seven hours yesterday playing Mass Effect asfjkhaksfja. My brother pitched in on it and my parents paid for the rest as an early birthday gift to me, since when my actual birthday rolls around, it'll be about a week and a half before my application to LMU is due.

Oh, yeah, I also did that – visited an LMU admissions counselor and gave her my transcript and AP scores and stuff and asked her the questions I had and so on and so forth. She said I was good and competitive so hopefully I have a shot of getting in. Woooooooo.

Anything else? Ummmm nah – Japan just makes me wish I did more physical things instead of sitting on my fat ass. :| I THINK I WILL TRY TO PLAY OBLIVION FROM THE TREADMILL TOMORROW. LOLSCREENADDICTION

Also, the reason I finally made an entry was because I remembered it'd been a hell of a long time since I'd taken the small pleasure of picking out a Nathan mood icon etwaeslfka. ILU SO MUCH FLYING MAN WHICH IS MAYBE WHY I STILL DREAD SEEING THE REST OF S3 OH FUCK ME. THE HORRIBLE SEASON WHICH, BY THE WAY, STALKED ME TO JAPAN; I GO TO MY HOTEL ROOM TO FIND A TELEVISION PROGRAM PAMPHLET WITH SEASON 3 HIRO ON THE FRONT AND MORE ADS O ON THE INSIDE SITTING ON MY PILLOW. /whinewhinewhine


the end

Also oh shit I need to throw Sybrows out into the ZOMBIE MADNESS, don't I? :X

.........also I need to make that Nathan layout I keep telling myself I'll do to match my moodtheme. 8D SOMEDAY WHEN I AM NOT DOING TONS OF OTHER THINGS.

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Erin (La Cidiana)
04 May 2009 @ 03:21 am
I... really should sleep, but I suddenly became curious about all these documents I'd opened and jotted down haphazard dream notes into that were scattered throughout my computer. I ended up collecting them all into one document and.... jesus christ MY SUBCONSCIOUS IS SO FUCKING FIXATED ON FANDOM AGKADKA

Some dreams not included here I actually did post about right as I had them, but anyway. Some of these I like... don't even remember skjhfkasd. All of these were written RIGHT as I woke up, which is why there's no punctuation or coherency to speak of.

Also, my subconscious gave me like ten million (no seriously, like, seven in one month) Nathan dreams back before I even declared him my favorite character in the show. Clearly, it knows me better than I do. :(


Dream Notes. )

I remember in that last dream, I kept on trying to CALL COURT AND TELL HER OMG OMG I MET MILOOOOOOO but I kept on getting DISTRACTED and then I woke up and was like OMG OMG I HAVE TO TELL HER I.... had a dream where I met Milo. God dammit.

...Also, now that I'm looking at these dreams, THERE IS A SERIOUS TREND OF DISNEY MOVIES IN THERE. What.

Anyway, where the hell did my weekend goooo? ;; I was supposed to get shit done and then all of a sudden... it was over. What the hell. I think I'm going to try to get out of the house to do my work next weekend; otherwise I just... lose track of time ugh.

Also, I just realized I'm out of my meds. T_T WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN ON SUNDAYS and leaves me med-less on Mondays, my busiest day ugh. Now I need to somehow... okay, good, they can refill it without any doctor shenanigans ahfkas PHEW BECAUSE THIS WEEK I NEED 'EM

Now I need to make sure I get up at 8 and I've already wasted half my night jhsfdka WHATEVER at least it'll cause me to fall asleep early tomorrow.

....I really hope I can get myself to do my Anthro reading in time for my final ugh. jfkfsasadg

and apps apps apps APPS ;_;

...Also, about a quarter of the time I try to type "heroes" into my icon finder, it comes out as "herpes." COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
24 April 2009 @ 10:56 am
It just occurred to me after a bit of fanfiction research that the only girl Dean has supposedly fallen in love with is the one from that retarded Season 1 Route 666 episode, Cassie.


Cassie, people.



Also I still need to watch last night's episode. :(
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Erin (La Cidiana)
03 April 2009 @ 02:19 am
Dear Supernatural,

You are fantastic.

Love Forever,

P.S. Kripke, Jensen, and Jared? Right on with wanting to stop at five seasons. YOU GO, GUYS.


Also, I want to do posts and shit but my eyes are suddenly hurting a bunch when I try to focus on a screen wtffffffffff this is... weird considering I didn't really use my computer today much at all. Augh. Maybe I'll try to sleep for a couple of hours and rest my eyes before I do posts since... doctor shift and backthreads, and don't want to fall behind on that AGAIN. T_T

So yeah. Naptime nao. ...Also holy shit apps open tomorrow night ahkjahsdkajhf
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Erin (La Cidiana)
30 March 2009 @ 11:49 pm

So Dean canonly watches House and House canonly watches Heroes. EPIC. FUCKING. WIN.

Or, you know, the shows just canonly exist in their respective universes and they know these things because of their requisite high quota of pop culture references BUT STILL HAHAHAHAHAAAAA

Also, I got three hours of sleep last night to study for a midterm that isn't until Wednesday so I am going to bed now. :|
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Erin (La Cidiana)
Tonight, I think I have determined that, minus S3 bullshittery, Nathan Petrelli is my favorite character of all time.

This is a Big Deal in my trivial fandom life. Anyone who knows me will tell you that while my fandom trends go in and out, once I declare an all-time favorite, it stays that way pretty much forever despite what I might be currently fangirling about. Granted, I claimed Cid and Brock as my all-time favorites back in the day, but I was super-young and impulsive and hadn't been exposed to too much. I STILL LOVE YOU TO DEATH, CID, DON'T TAKE ME WRONG.

FANGIRLING!!!!!! Spoilers for S1/S2/not S3 since S3 doesn't exist what. )

And then on top of all of this he can motherfucking fly. HOW AWESOME OF A CHARACTER IS THIS, GUYS?!? HOW AWESOME IS HE SERIOUSLY SDJHAKDJHAKJDHLKAJHDALDPOIEPRWHA:DLKNA because of course being a pilot or being able to fly or being associated with flight/skies/wings in any way is somehow a big character turn-on for me wtffffff, self. SO YEAH

Anyway, this was all spawned by looking for icons of a show that I can't even bring myself to watch anymore. What the hell, self. What the hell. I have turned fierce and self-righteous denial into an art. ...kind of like Nathan, LULZ

Now after that exceedingly important public service announcement that everyone needs to read, gonna sleep k bye.

Well, also, I want to get working on some old Supernatural fic now since OH GOD THAT EPISODE THIS WEEK? AMAZING. ...Also how appropriate is this song for this entry rite wtf hsfkaashahaha I ADORE BSB SHUT UP
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Erin (La Cidiana)
21 January 2009 @ 04:34 am
Pirated Downloaded Illustrator CS4 and played around with it, but for the same reasons that I've never used it before, it confuses me so much and skfhaksjafa the following masterpiece is the most I was able to churn out of it.


also holy shit whyyyyyyy am I still up
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Erin (La Cidiana)
19 January 2009 @ 01:53 pm
Last night, Court, Jenny, and myself all got it into our heads that we were going to see My Bloody Valentine 3-D together if it killed us. While Andrew tried to be a party-pooper and was all like NO NO I DON'T WANT TO GO we eventually wore him down and we all went together.

And oh my GOD this movie was JUST AS BAD AS EXPECTED aka ONE OF THE WORST I HAVE EVER SEEN HAHAHA. Of course, it was the GODDAMN ENTERTAINING kind of horrible rather than the iamsobored kind of horrible. It was a full house of immature teenagers/college kids and everyone was laughing and shouting out shit throughout the movie fffffffff. Anyway, Jensen Ackles' beautiful face on the big screen and in 3-D? Mmmmmmmmmmm. Definitely not regretting blowing money on that godawful thing but I don't think I'll ever watch it again. Ever. except maybe to make icons or something

Now, the question is: do I see Friday the 13th? Hmm... DUNNO. Probably just as bad but, you know, actually kind of scary.
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Erin (La Cidiana)
16 January 2009 @ 03:14 am
You know how everyone's family is fucked up? Well, my mom's side of the family is majorly fucked up. Like, HBO series fucked up. My immediate family unit is pretty much the only exception.

That said, here is the latest chapter in our family history, which is actually one of the much, much, much lesser stories of my maternal side of the family tree, but which is one that directly affects me enough that I will tell it in a very condensed form.

Very long story of family drama. )

So yeah, bottom line of all that is that my cousin Cristina might be permanently living with us. She's staying in my brother's currently unoccupied room and I cleared out and cleaned up my old iMac for her over there. She's v. disappointed it doesn't have internet, but I ordered her an external wireless USB adapter that should hopefully fix that. XD Anyway, if you've been wondering where I've been lately, that's most of the reason.

Also, ON A SLIGHTLY LIGHTER NOTE: Andrew and I got Bay Cities today and somehow all of my timing was perfect for my appointment afterwards and then meeting up with my mom and Cristina at a bakery after that. Later, Andrew, Jenny, and I were supposed to go for our weekly ice skating tonight but I realized I couldn't because of Cristina's birthday and everything. So then Jenny calls me up and our conversation goes as follows:

Jenny: Hey!
Me: Hey!
Jenny: So, are you busy tonight?
Me: You know, I'm really sorry, but I don't think we can do ice skating today – it's pretty crazy with my cousin over here, and it's her birthday, and –
Me: OH. OH.
Jenny: YEAHHH.
Me: Well, yeah, we can do that over here with her, so I think that's okay!
Jenny: Okay! ...Yeah, I think we need to let Andrew know that we should pick a new day of the week for that.
Me: .........Probably.

So I went and picked her up from work, then came home (after she found a shoe bargain), and while we had dinner, she, my mom, and I all started FANGIRLING AHHHHHH over Supernatural being on SO SOON and OMG JENSEN AND JARED and OMG THEY'RE SUCH GOOD ACTORS WHEN THEY CRY THEY BREAK OUR HEEEEEAAARRRRRTSSSSS, to which Cristina laughed and my dad was like "............what in god's name is wrong with you people."

So, of course, Cristina got roped into watching MONDO BIG-SCREEN BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT STEREO SOUND DARK ROOM HD Supernatural with us crazies, and LOL IT WAS SO FUN we like got that whole contagious scare thing going where we started SCREAMING at the creepy parts and AHAHAHA. Was AWESOME.

Also, Jenny and I joked about seeing My Bloody Valentine 3-D PFFFFT.

...............Then we decided to go on Tuesday.
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Erin (La Cidiana)

Can't imagine what my mood's gonna be on Thursday. WHERE DID THIS ALL COME FROM GOD DAMN
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Erin (La Cidiana)
13 January 2009 @ 03:27 am
Today was kind of hectic. I didn't sleep at all last night since I wanted to make sure I got traffic school done by my due date, so I basically went to my American Music quiz from home, left class, did errands... but while I was doing these things, apparently the pipe under our shower broke and when I came back I wasn't able to take a shower (I hadn't been able to take a shower in the morning because of the clog that spawned the breakage in the first place) so I was dirty all day and had to wash my hands with wet wipes and kshdkaj. D8 LUCKILY I basically slept for most of the time that my dad was fixing the pipe, so I didn't have to deal with it too much? 8D; Of course, now my sleeping schedule is totally off and I have to gradually reign it back in again. Which is why I will sleep after this post.

Anyway.... omg, reading all those Sam apps has gotten me on a total Supernatural kick, which is wonderful since I feel I've been neglecting due fangirling for that series this last half-year or so. I am TOTALLY hankering for some good fanfiction, and since I don't really know how to navigate around that nutso fandom and it's hard to find non-Wincest fic... Does anyone have any Supernatural genfic recs? I would be very appreciative to get pointed in the right direction since right now I've resorted to writing random stuff for myself skfkajfg Winchesters <333

I really do need to sleep now, so I will do that. Tomorrow: less Castlevania and more productivity. Holy shit those games are addictive. D: And HAHAHAAA I FINALLY BEAT THE DAMN CRAB. >:3
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Erin (La Cidiana)
03 October 2008 @ 06:09 am
Okay, so Supernatural tonight was motherfucking awesome. Not that I should ever expect anything different from this goddamn amazing show.

Supernatural 403 RAMBLE. )

And you know what else I love? That's right: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Oh my god the car crashing and the attempted explosion and MAC IN THE WEDDING DRESS HAHAHAHAHAHA. Also PFFFT at Dennis for being all butthurt at not being invited into the SUICIDE PACT. And Frank with the mannequin. And Dee on the bus. And the glory hole. This show is so fucking ridiculous. Ridiculously brilliant. I'LL EAT THEIR BUTTS AND THEN MY STOMACH WILL BE FILLED... WITH THEIR BUTTS

Thursday is officially my favorite day of the week.

Okay, back to Batman app now. I did 1000+ words of it yesterday so HOPEFULLY I CAN CONTINUE though I have to sleep soon auugghhh

EDIT: FINISHED MY PERSONAL HISTORY. Just got... almost all the other major sections left auugggh. BUT STILL. It's really kind of scary how I did pretty much all of it from memory. No, seriously: I torrented the movie to double-check sequences of events I was sure I had out of order and it was all right. ERIN, THIS IS NOT HEALTHY.

Anyway, time to sleep. D8
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Erin (La Cidiana)
01 October 2008 @ 06:10 am
Dear self,

I know you worked really hard on a presentation last night and needed to reward yourself. That's cool.

However, this does not excuse (nor explain) why you just wasted an entire night on playing ADVANCE WARS. SRSLY, HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN??? After all, I have a Batman app due in, oh... FOUR DAYS? especially since now you know for sure you'll have competition ogawd

Now finish kicking that dude's ass and go to bed.


P.S. WHY HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING OLD GBA GAMES LATELY??? Given this, I feel like I should spend my soon-to-come birthday money on DS games. 8D

P.P.S. OH AND somehow the Heroes/Sunny crossover idea turned into a Supernatural/Sunny crossover idea. No, this is not because of what Heroes has done lately; I just think it might work better. And make for more funny. IT WOULD BE FUN TO PULL OFF.
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